Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Review - An Invincible Summer by Lily Rose Graham

On an ordinary Tuesday Ria Laburinthos decides to run away. There is nothing ordinary about her decision though. It’s been coming for years. Years of grief and her dreaded job as an obituary writer. Then when her horrible boss aka ‘The devil-who-wears-Birkenstocks’ asks her to share her story, about how the best day of her life turned into the unequivocal worst, she decides enough is enough.

Which is how she finds herself on a plane to Crete bound by the tales she heard growing up from her beloved Yaya. What she doesn’t expect to find though is Elysium a thousand-year-old family vineyard that burnt down amidst a cloud of mystery, and the enigmatic son, Tom Bacchus who is trying to resurrect it.

Part love story, part mystery An Invincible Summer is a story about having the courage to start over, follow your heart, and fall in love again.

Where do I begin - a heartwarming summer read.  I was puled into the story from the heartbreaking beginning to the happily ever after ending.
Ria was doing her best to make it through each day after the obituary at a time.  How on earth she could right those day in and day is beyond me.  
The description of her boss is priceless yet so true - The Devil Wears Birkenstock's - LOVE IT!  
After dealing with that woman day in and day out, Ria had enough.
Then she ends up at the airport.  How did she get there?  What was she doing?  Where was she going?
Passport in hand she was leaving for a fresh start.  She was headed to Crete.
As soon as she landed she could totally understand what her grandmother, Yaya, had always loved.  It was truly magical and breathtaking.
She had been walking around - a sight to see for sure - a suit and flips.  But how was she suppose to know to pack for paradise when she never knew the plan!
The she sees that ad of a lifetime - a job as an assistant - perfect for her in so many ways.  She can stay just a little bit longer in her new found heaven and she had a means to survive.
The writing of this story is breathtaking, you are taken away to another part of the world and you truly feel as if you are right there with Ria.
She is going through an emotional journey that has you in tears of sadness one moment to tears of joy the next.  You will not want to stop reading until you have reached the end.  And at that point you will hope there is another book to follow!

I would pair this breathtaking tale with a cross between a Pinot Noir and Cinsault - Pinotage
I would rate this heartwarming tale 5 glasses of wine -  It had me coming back for more around each and every twist and turn.

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