My Review Policy

Reviewing books is part of the fun at One Book At A Time!  I receive books to review from several sources, as well as participating in blog tours and giveaways along the way.

My official review policy:

review a variety of books- women’s fiction, literary fiction, historical fiction, romance, suspense/mystery, romantic comedy and chick lit.
I consider for review: memoirs, and non-fiction.
I do not review erotica.
I reserve the right to not review a book.

My Guidelines: 1. You may provide an author bio (which I may or may not choose to use).
2. My review will be honest and will include an overview of the book plus my personal thoughts. I may also make a suggestion as to a type of person who may enjoy the book or recommend the book to book clubs.
3. There could be times when a book is not to my liking, it does happen.  Every book is not made for everyone and you should not take it personally.  I respect all work created and will be fair in my review. 
4. Books I review must be in either paper format or Kindle (or a mobi file). I prefer paper, but will read e-books.

What You Can Expect From My Review:
1. My honest opinion.
2. Pictures of book cover.
3. My review being posted to several social media sites (Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest).
4. Guest posts and Q&A's could be a possible as well, can be discussed and date set.
5. As a wine lover, I will be posting my wine of choice that I will suggest to my readers.
6. I will base my review on a 3 to 5 wine glass ranking.  5 being a piece that I love and will read again and  3 being a piece that was not my taste per say but I am happy that I had the chance to read it.

 To Request A Review:
1. Please email me with the following: Your name, book title, genre, publisher’s name, length of book, and book format.
2. In your email, feel free to include social media links.
3. Other information: Date book is to be published or date it was published.
4. If you are open to the option of  a Q & A (email only), book related piece or an author spotlight.  I will review what is sent, and reserve the right to decide whether or not to publish it.

The Process:
1. If I’m interested in reviewing, I will reply. If I am not interested, I will try to send an email to that effect as well.
2. I love to read and want it to be fun and not feel like a job!  I am also busy with my 3 children, my Master's Degree as well as my full-time job - that being said I will put my best effort into each and every review I create.
3. We can discuss an estimated review date (suggestions are welcome), I will not have a specific time but dates are fine.  If you are not happy with the date set, we can see what other possibilities may be available.
4. When my review is posted, it will also be published to various forms of social media. You will be tagged in some of the posts.
To contact me for review: Please email clark.bethany2013 (@) gmail (.) com


  1. Hi, lovely Beth!

    Just popping by to say a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on the graaaand opening of your fabulous blog 'One Book At A Time'! It looks fantastic, and I really am so chuffed that you decided to take the step towards creating it. Now you get to watch it fill up with lots of lovely bookish reviews and all sorts of other bits and bobs that take your fancy.

    I am THRILLED for you! Have fun, enjoy and I wish you lots of happy times spent typing about books.

    All my love,
    Becca xxxxx

  2. Thank you so much Becca! I am loving it already! xx