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Switch and Bait by Ricki Schultz

All through college, Blanche Carter was known as the love doctor in her sorority. Now she's parlayed her talent into a unique consulting business: she runs the online dating profiles of Washington D.C.'s most eligible women.

Armed with a battalion of rules, Blanche expertly helps her clients optimize their profiles and ace that first date. But although she'll happily message handsome strangers (and fend off dick pics) for other ladies, Blanche's most important rule is the one she has for herself: no relationships. She's seen too much heartbreak to believe in real love anymore.

When a former fling pops up among the matches for one of her favorite clients, Blanche gamely messages him on her behalf. Blanche is definitely over him, and this is how she'll prove it. But if she doesn't watch out, Blanche might end up not only screwing over a client--and possibly tanking her entire business--but breaking her rule about love as well . . .

My Thoughts
This is the perfect beach read!  I LOVED it!
Blanche is a book store manager (hello I want her job!) and on the side she is a matchmaker to those that are hopeless and can't find a date.
She did it for her sorority sisters back in the day for free, why not make some cash this time around.  :)
She basically logs on to dating sites, sets up profiles for her clients, find the "perfect" matches and converse with them all while setting up dates for her clients to go on!  She will even be at the date in hiding, just in case anything goes wrong.  Talk about customer service!
While she is helping Ansley find her man, he ex Henry swipes for her.  What is a girl to do?
Will this end well for all parties involved? 
Grab a copy today!

Drink Selection
Margaritas all around!  Delish! Sit back and watch it all unfold!

5 wine glasses for sure!  Perfect beach read!

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About Ricki

Although she is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, and has spent the most time there, Ricki has also lived in Georgia and Virginia. (She promises she’s not a drifter, though.)BF0A1927
Ricki earned a B.A. in English and an M.Ed. in Secondary Education from John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio.
In addition to writing, she has molded the minds of tweens & teens as a middle school and high school teacher in both the CLE and the ATL — and she also spent a year teaching writing and communications at the college level.
She’s back in Atlanta now, and she owns the cutest beagle ever (Molly).
Among other publications, she has contributed to Writer’s Digest Books, both interviewing literary agents for the Guide to Literary Agents blog as well as writing various articles for both Guide to Literary Agents and Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market (F+W Media). In addition to freelance writing and editing, she has spoken at writers’ conferences and now sits on the board of Broadleaf Writers Association here in the Dirty South. She was formerly the coordinator of the now-defunct online writing community, the Write-Brained Network.
Her writing is represented by Barbara Poelle of Irene Goodman Literary Agency

Thursday, July 5, 2018

The Banker's Wife by Cristina Alger

On an early morning in November, a couple boards a private plane bound for Geneva, flying into a storm. Soon after, it simply drops off the radar, and its wreckage is later uncovered in the Alps. Among the disappeared is Matthew Lerner, a banking insider at Swiss United, a powerful offshore bank. His young widow, Annabel, is left grappling with the secrets he left behind, including an encrypted laptop and a shady client list. As she begins a desperate search for answers, she determines that Matthew's death was no accident, and that she is now in the crosshairs of his powerful enemies.

Meanwhile, ambitious society journalist Marina Tourneau has finally landed at the top. Now that she's engaged to Grant Ellis, she will stop writing about powerful families and finally be a part of one. Her entry into the upper echelons of New York's social scene is more appealing than any article could ever be, but, after the death of her mentor, she agrees to dig into one more story. While looking into Swiss United, Marina uncovers information that implicates some of the most powerful men in the financial world, including some who are too close to home. The story could also be the answer to Annabel's heartbreaking search—if Marina chooses to publish it.

My Thoughts 
LOVED THIS BOOK!  I read it in less than 1 day.  Amazing!
I honestly wasn't sure what to think about it when I read the description but I was drawn in from the first page.  Alger has a writing style that is top notch and the characters are written flawlessly.  
A couple goes down in a plane crash (not husband and wife).  The man - Matthew Lerner is a junior banker at Swiss United.  
His widow Annabel doesn't know what to make of all the unanswered questions - who was he with?  Why was he in London? How did her banker husband acquire so many enemies?
On the other side there is Marina a writer who is engaged to a pretty perfect man (or so she thinks)named Grant who plans to give up her job to help with his families political bid for the White House.  
All seemed well and then her boss calls with a cryptic message and a few days later he is dead.  Her world starts to crumble around her.
She uncovers information that could bring the entire international financial world to its knees.  
How will this story end?  I suggest you grab a copy as soon as possible and find out.  You won't be disappointed.

Drink Selection
What a crazy ride!  I think a few glasses of whisky are a must!

5 wine glasses for sure, LOVED this book!

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About Cristina 
Cristina Alger is a lifelong New Yorker. A graduate of Harvard College and NYU Law School, she worked as a financial analyst and a corporate attorney before becoming a writer. Her third novel, THE BANKER’S WIFE, will be published in Summer 2018 by Putnam. She lives in New York with her husband and children.


Sorority by Genevieve Sly Crane

Twinsets and pearls, secrets and kinship, rituals that hold sisters together in a sacred bond of everlasting trust. Certain chaste images spring to mind when one thinks of sororities. But make no mistake: these women are not braiding each other’s hair and having pillow fights—not by a long shot.

What Genevieve Sly Crane has conjured in these pages is a blunt, in your face look behind the closed doors of a house full of contemporary women—and there are no holds barred. These women have issues: self-inflicted, family inflicted, sister-to-sister inflicted—and it is all on the page. At the center of this swirl is Margot: the sister who died in the house, and each chapter is told from the points of view of the women who orbit her death and have their own reactions to it.

My Thoughts 
I'm so back and forth with this book.  I actually had to take notes to understand what was going on.
There are parts that I liked and parts that I wasn't a fan of.
It's the dark side to sororities - drugs, cheating, sleeping around, just to name a few.  
It's hard for me to write a full review without giving away so many of the details and surprises. 
The story revolves around Margot's death and how each sister dealt with it.
  Get a copy today and you'll understand what I mean.

Drink Selection
Riesling for sure, you may need a whole bottle to understand the turmoil these girls endured.

4 wine glasses - intriguing...

About Genevieve 
Genevieve Sly Crane is a graduate of The University of Massachusetts and Stony Brook Southampton, where she received her M.F.A. in Creative Writing and Literature in 2013. Prior to her writing career, she worked as a security guard, babysitter, karate studio receptionist, bookstore clerk, editor, fancy-clothing-store salesgirl, and animal hospital office manager. Currently, she teaches in the English department at Monroe College. Sorority is her first publication. 

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Crazy Little Town Called Love by Jill Hannah Anderson

Thirty-two-year-old Molly’s cushy life in Minneapolis tanks when her long-time boyfriend bails on her and their underwater-mortgaged home. 

She needs a place to live and a new job—and the answer to both may be in a quaint town called Love. The town where her deceased mother grew up, a town where an old General Store and home have been willed to Molly’s family…a town with secrets and people with long memories. 

Can she trade her acrylic nails for pounding nails to revive a fixer-upper store? Molly is ready for a do-over and a chance to prove to herself that she can make it on her own. 

She puts elbow grease, heart, and half her savings, into giving the old place a facelift. As her business grows, so does her relationship with Jackson—the owner of the hardware store—and great-nephew to the woman who willed her business to Molly’s family. 

The tourist town of Love brims with quirky townspeople and fun events. And it is at one of these events that Molly is first threatened. 

Apparently, not everyone is happy to have her in town. As threats against her escalate, Molly has to decide if she’d be better off leaving Love or staying to fight for the life she’s created in the town that has stolen her heart. 

My Thoughts 
What a fun book! I loved the first book in this series, To Hell and Back Club! I wish there was one of those for me. I've definitely had my fair share of hell. 
Molly's life in Minnesota wasn't great but she was living comfortably. She went to dinner at nice places, colored her hair and did her nails. But her relationship was eh but they were getting by.   Then he bails on her. He lost his job and can't pay his half of the bills. She doesn't make much, how's she going to get by? 
Then she remembers her mom and dad being left a property in a town called Love. Cute right? 
What does she have to lose? 
She puts her heart and savings into fixing up this quaint general store. 
And Jackson, the hardware store owner, he sounds pretty sexy if you ask me. 
At least she has some eye candy to look at :). 
Just when she thought she was fitting in, things began to happen. Down right creepy things. 
Will she stay? Will she run back to the twin cities and say screw it? 

Drink Selection 
I am pairing this read with delicious Red Cat Sangria. Yum! 

5 wine glasses for sure! 

About Jill
Jill lives on a lake in Minnesota with her husband in their rarely-empty nest. They enjoy their six adult children and many grandchildren when they come to visit. Her first women’s fiction novel, The To-Hell-And-Back Club, debuted in May 2017. She is a member of Women’s Fiction Writers Association (WFWA). Her second novel, Crazy Little Town Called Love, will be published in July 2018. 
She loves to connect with book clubs! When she isn’t writing, or reading, you’ll find her running, curling, biking, and enjoying the great outdoors.

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Friday, June 29, 2018

Playing with Matches by Hannah Orenstein

Sasha Goldberg has a lot going for her: a recent journalism degree from NYU, an apartment with her best friend Caroline, and a relationship that would be amazing if her finance-bro boyfriend Jonathan would ever look up from his BlackBerry. But when her dream career falls through, she uses her family’s darkest secret to land a job as a matchmaker for New York City’s elite at the dating service Bliss.

Despite her inexperience, Sasha throws herself into her new career, trolling for catches on Tinder, coaching her clients through rejection, and dishing out dating advice to people twice her age. She sets up a TV exec who wanted kids five years ago, a forty-year-old baseball-loving virgin, and a consultant with a rigorous five-page checklist for her ideal match.

Sasha hopes to find her clients The One, like she did. But when Jonathan betrays her, she spirals out of control—and right into the arms of a writer with a charming Southern drawl, who she had previously set up with one of her clients. He’s strictly off-limits, but with her relationship on the rocks, all bets are off.

My Thoughts
I loved every page of this book!  I read it in 2 days (and that was because I had to take care of children, sleep and eat)!
Sasha is such a fun down to earth person who just trips into a Craig's List ad for a job as a matchmaker.  I mean, she had less than a handful of boyfriends and her parents are divorced, where does she get all her amazing match knowledge?  LOL
But this is her first real job and she is determined to make this work.
What type of job would have you swiping right all day, setting up fake profiles and going on work dates with potential matches?  WOW!  Truthfully I don't think I could handle that, and how on earth is her boyfriend Jonathan ok with this?
And just as she thought her life was going in the right direction, BAM Jonathan betrays her.  Can she keep it all together?  How will she move on from the love of her life?  Will she break matchmaker rule 101 - don't date any matches or matchees?
Grab your copy today, you will LOVE this story!

Image result for cosmopolitan drink

Drink Selection
Hello!  It's NYC, Cosmos all around!

5 wine glasses for sure!

Hannah Orenstein

About Hannah
Hannah Orenstein is a writer and editor in New York. She's the dating editor at Elite Daily. Previously, she was a writer at At twenty-one, she became the youngest matchmaker at a top dating service. She was born and raised in Boston, studied journalism and history at NYU, and lives in Manhattan with her fat cat, Eloise.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Release Day Excitement for All You Need is Love by Melissa Bladwin

Happy release day to Melissa Baldwin. Book two in the Love in the City series, ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, is available now!

Release Day Blitz || Melissa Baldwin – All You Need is LoveAll You Need is Love by Melissa Baldwin
Series: Love in the City Series #2
Published by Melissa Baldwin on June 26, 2018
Genre: Romantic Comedy

CJ Evans has worked hard to overcome many of the devastating challenges that life has thrown at her, and she has come a long way. Despite the aftermath of her broken engagement and the strained relationship with her mother, she has recently mended lost friendships and has become a successful entrepreneur of a business she is truly passionate about. But could all of this progress be lost when her mother presents her with a blindside she never would have expected? 
CJ realizes she can no longer avoid her past, and she must finally face the heartbreak, inadequacy, and unresolved events to continue to move forward. This includes embarking on a new career path and opening her heart to a love she’s always been hoping for. 
CJ’s journey is one of growth, trust, and taking risks. And in the end she may realize that to be truly happy—all you need is love.

About Melissa Baldwin

Melissa Baldwin is an avid runner, planner obsessed, and has always had a love for writing. She is a wife, mother, and avid journal keeper who took her creativity to the next level by fulfilling her dream with her debut novel, An Event to Remember…or Forget. Melissa writes about charming, ambitious, and real women and is now a published author of ten Romantic Comedy novels and novellas.

When she isn’t deep in the writing zone, this multi-tasking master organizer is busy spending time with her family, chauffeuring her daughter, traveling, running, indulging in fitness, and taking a Disney Cruise every now and then.

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Release Day Excitement for Rocky Road & Revenge by Erin Huss

Happy release day to Erin Huss! Rocky Road & Revenge, book two in the Cambria Clyne Mystery series, is available now!

Release Blitz Signup || Erin Huss – Rocky Road & Revenge
Rocky Road & Revenge by Erin Huss
Series: Cambria Clyne Mysteries #2
Published by Gemma Halliday Publishing on June 26, 2018
Genre: Cozy Mystery

From author Erin Huss comes another “hilarious and fun” (Huffington Post) addition to the Cambria Clyne Mysteries. 
For apartment manager, Cambria Clyne, every day is a bad hair day, and her birthday is no exception. At least the rest of her life is in order. Her daughter is thriving in their new home, Cambria is up for a promotion at work, and she’s got two men vying for her attention—the hunky ex-maintenance man and her dreamy baby daddy. As if that wasn’t enough excitement, Cambria’s best friend, Amy, has just landed the role of a lifetime on the hit prime time drama Ghost Confidential. Yes, things are looking up for Cambria Clyne, and this just might be her best birthday yet! 
Until it all goes up in flames. 
Celebrations are put aside when the stars from Ghost Confidential start showing up dead. There’s a killer with a personal vendetta on the loose, and when suspicious items show up in Amy’s possession, it becomes evident that someone is trying to pin the murders on her. Now Cambria must figure out who is attempting to frame her best friend, all the while still taking care of her daughter, dealing with the crazy antics of her residents, choosing between two men, and preparing for a property inspection that could make or break her apartment management career. Will Cambria catch the killer before anyone else shows up dead? Or will this birthday be her last?

About Erin Huss

Erin Huss is a blogger and best selling author. She can change a diaper in fifteen seconds flat, is a master overanalyzer, has a gift for making any social situation awkward and yet, somehow, she still has friends. Erin shares hilarious property management horror stories at The Apartment Manager’s Blog and her own daily horror stories at She currently resides in Southern California with her husband and five children, where she complains daily about the cost of living but will never do anything about it.

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