Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Not Her Daughter by Rea Frey

Emma Townsend. Five years old. Gray eyes, brown hair. Missing since June.Emma is lonely. Living with her cruel mother and clueless father, Emma retreats into her own world of quiet and solitude.

Sarah Walker. Successful entrepreneur. Broken-hearted. Kidnapper.

Sarah has never seen a girl so precious as the gray-eyed child in a crowded airport terminal. When a second-chance encounter with Emma presents itself, Sarah takes her—far away from home. But if it’s to rescue a little girl from her damaging mother, is kidnapping wrong?

Amy Townsend. Unhappy wife. Unfit mother. Unsure whether she wants her daughter back.

Amy’s life is a string of disappointments, but her biggest issue is her inability to connect with her daughter. And now Emma is gone without a trace.
As Sarah and Emma avoid the nationwide hunt, they form an unshakeable bond. But what about Emma’s real mother, back at home?

My Thoughts
WOW!  This book = AMAZING!  The concept grabbed me from the beginning.  I loved the details that she places with each character, the good and bad.  What would you do if you saw a child being mistreated repeatedly?  Would you step in and take charge or would you sit back and ignore the situation and go on with your life?
Emma's life is turned upside down, but in the form of a kidnapping for good?  Is there such a thing?
Sarah was going about her trip and noticed a little girl being mistreated at the airport...then as luck would have it she sees the little girl again at a site visit...and (may have followed her to her home) she sees her being mistreated again...
Something in her snaps and she takes Emma...
Emma's mom Amy is not cut out to be a parent and has little desire as we can see by her story, but does that mean her daughter should be stolen from her?
This story has you asking yourself a lot of questions - if you saw something like this yourself what would you do? 
Must read for all!

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I'm pairing this beauty with a Washington Apple - delish cocktail!

Rea Frey
About Rea
Rea Frey is the author of four nonfiction books. Her debut novel, NOT HER DAUGHTER, will be released by St. Martin’s Press August 21, 2018.

When she’s not exercising, mothering, adulting, wifing, eating, or writing about herself in the third person, you can find her hard at work on her next book and ghostwriting for other people.

Read more at reafrey.com.

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Monday, September 17, 2018

Blog Tour Stop - Sweetbriars by Hollie Anne Marsh

The Sullivan family pulled up at the heavy wooden gates of the farm. “Sweetbriars” read the name on the gate, and there was a large “For Sale” sign planted out the front. The farm was set in the English countryside of Devon, just over three hours from bustling London. When the Sullivans had received an inheritance, they had looked at a few properties for sale, but none seemed as promising as Sweetbriars. Or, to quote the estate agent... “you have to come see it, straight away, as it will not, I repeat, will not, stay on the market long.” Looking out the car window, Cate released a breath she hadn’t realised she’d been holding. This place might make all her dreams come true, or it might be the end of everything she’d ever known and loved. Cate shifted in her seat. Her sore muscles reminded her of her riding lesson the evening before – her very last one with Bridget. She couldn’t imagine not seeing her trainer anymore. Bridget wasn’t just a riding instructor – she was Cate’s friend and confidante. Sweetbriars was a far cry from the family house in Hertfordshire that Cate had lived in all her life, with its familiar nooks, crannies, and quirks. Even though Cate loved the idea of having her horses at home, three hours was a long way from her best friend Beth and Bridget. Yet here they were. 
Author bio:
Hollie is an Australian author who lives in Barcelona, Spain with her partner, baby boy, and Oldenburg mare, Frieda. After having a professional career, including creating the equestrian online shop Equiporium (since sold), working for many large multinational companies, and having a baby, Hollie reconnected with her passion of writing and finished the manuscript she wrote many years ago.

Hollie has been riding since she was a little girl, enjoying activities such as Pony Club, showjumping, eventing, and trail-riding in the great Australian bush. Hollie lived in England for almost ten years where she had two horses and trained them for dressage. 

The Sweetbriars series is inspired by all the special moments Hollie spent with horses... good, funny, and challenging moments!

In creating the new Sweetbriars series, Hollie hopes that readers will not only find the books fun to read, but they will also inspire readers to learn more about horses.   

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Not Our Kind by Kitty Zeldis

With echoes of The Rules of Civility and The Boston Girl, a compelling and thought-provoking novel set in postwar New York City, about two women—one Jewish, one a WASP—and the wholly unexpected consequences of their meeting

One rainy morning in June, two years after the end of World War II, a minor traffic accident brings together Eleanor Moskowitz and Patricia Bellamy. Their encounter seems fated: Eleanor, a teacher and recent Vassar graduate, needs a job. Patricia’s difficult thirteen-year-old daughter Margaux, recovering from polio, needs a private tutor.

Though she feels out of place in the Bellamys’ rarefied and elegant Park Avenue milieu, Eleanor forms an instant bond with Margaux. Soon the idealistic young woman is filling the bright young girl’s mind with Shakespeare and Latin. Though her mother, a hat maker with a little shop on Second Avenue, disapproves, Eleanor takes pride in her work, even if she must use the name “Moss” to enter the Bellamys’ restricted doorman building each morning, and feels that Patricia’s husband, Wynn, may have a problem with her being Jewish.

Invited to keep Margaux company at the Bellamys’ country home in a small town in Connecticut, Eleanor meets Patricia’s unreliable, bohemian brother, Tom, recently returned from Europe. The spark between Eleanor and Tom is instant and intense. Flushed with new romance and increasingly attached to her young pupil, Eleanor begins to feel more comfortable with Patricia and much of the world she inhabits. As the summer wears on, the two women’s friendship grows—until one hot summer evening, a line is crossed, and both Eleanor and Patricia will have to make important decisions—choices that will reverberate through their lives.

My Thoughts 
Let me begin with how gorgeous this cover is?  I think it's one of my top covers of 2018 to date.
Two very different worlds blend together and teach each other many lessons both good and not so good.
Eleanor and Patricia get into a motor vehicle accident and then they realize that they can help each other.  Eleanor is a teacher and Patricia is looking for a teacher for her teenage daughter recovering from the dreaded disease of polio that can do a number on your body.
Eleanor teaches Patricia's daughter  many lessons from school as well as  about her Jewish faith. 
It's not an easy road though.  Patricia must cover up Eleanor's background from her husband due to his dislike of that faith.
There are times when this book can be a tad racy but all in all it's a very well written poignant story.

Drink Selection 
I'm going to pair this read with a drink of the times, the Bee's Knees!  Delish!

3.5 wine glasses  
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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Believe Me by JP Delaney

In this twisty psychological thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of The Girl Before, an actress plays both sides of a murder investigation.

One out-of-work British actress pays the rent on her New York City apartment the only way she can: as a decoy for a firm of divorce lawyers, hired to entrap straying husbands. When the cops begin investigating one of her targets for murdering his wife--and potentially others--they ask her to lure the suspect into a confession.

But with the actress pretending to be someone she isn't, differentiating the decoy from the prey becomes impossible--and deadly.

My Thoughts
LOVED this book!  I will admit that some parts of this book were a bit racy for me (if it were a movie I would have to cover my eyes or look away kind of racy) but I loved everything else!  I don't want to give much away in my review because you MUST experience all of the scandal for yourself.
An out of work actress that is trying to stay in this country will do just about anything, and I mean anything, to make rent and keep eating. 
At one audition she is asked to be an undercover call girl and trap husbands who are willing to cheat on their wives, and she agrees and dare I say is GREAT at her job.  Then a wife of one of her exploits is found murdered, what in the world?
It gets crazier and crazier up and through the last chapter!  Does this actress survive this craziness or will the crazy world in which she is drawn into be her end?

Drink Selection
I am pairing this book with the perfect cocktail, the black widow!  Totally seems fitting right?

About JP Delany

Tony Strong also writes under the pseudonym J.P. Delaney.

Tony Strong was born in 1962 in Uganda, though his parents came back to the UK when he was six weeks old. He read English at Oxford under the playwright and poet Francis Warner and then went on to work as an advertising copywriter at Ogilvy and Mather, an agency which had already bred writers such as Salman Rushdie and Fay Weldon.

Tony Strong has made more than thirty television commercials, including the celebrated BUPA 'You’re Amazing, We Want You To Stay That Way ' campaign, and the American Express campaign. He has won a BAFTA for a campaign aimed at reducing solvent abuse - one of the very few drug abuse campaigns that have ever been shown to have a measurable effect. Tony Strong was recently poached by Abbot Mead Vickers, whose main account is British Telecom. He has published four novels: THE POISON TREE, THE DEATH PIT, THE DECOY and TELL ME LIES. THE DECOY has been bought for film by Twentieth Century Fox for Arnold Kopelson. TELL ME LIES was recently adapted by Granada Television into a series entitled LIE TO ME.

He has also written under several pseudonyms, including Anthony Capella.

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Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

Founder of the lifestyle website TheChicSite.com and CEO of her own media company, Chic Media, Rachel Hollis has created an online fan base of hundreds of thousands of fans by sharing tips for living a better life while fearlessly revealing the messiness of her own. Now comes her highly anticipated first book featuring her signature combination of honesty, humor, and direct, no-nonsense advice.

Each chapter of Girl, Wash Your Face begins with a specific lie Hollis once believed that left her feeling overwhelmed, unworthy, or ready to give up. As a working mother, a former foster parent, and a woman who has dealt with insecurities about her body and relationships, she speaks with the insight and kindness of a BFF, helping women unpack the limiting mind-sets that destroy their self-confidence and keep them from moving forward.

From her temporary obsession with marrying Matt Damon to a daydream involving hypnotic iguanas to her son's request that she buy a necklace to "be like the other moms," Hollis holds nothing back. With unflinching faith and tenacity, Hollis spurs other women to live with passion and hustle and to awaken their slumbering goals.

My Thoughts
What an amazing read!  This book will have you laughing, crying, thinking and wondering.  It's full of inspiration and thought provoking questions.  Rachel even provides an amazing study guide that goes along with the book which makes you as the reader think more deeply.  You won't get anything out of this book if you just read or skim through it. 
You need to dig deep within yourself and question who you are, what your goals are, where you want to be in the future and who you want to project yourself as now.
Rachel shares laugh out loud stories about Matt Damon, she shares stories of the most horrible time in her life but in the end, she did it!  She made something of herself. 
This book is truly uplifting and with have you thinking through out and for years to come. 

Drink Selection
Champagne it is, cheers at the end! 

Rachel Hollis
About Rachel
Instagram Fun --> https://www.instagram.com/msrachelhol...
Facebook Magic --> https://www.facebook.com/MsRachelHollis/

Rachel Hollis is a bestselling author, TV personality, in-demand speaker, and founder and CEO of Chic Media, the foremost authority on premium digital content for women. Named one of Inc. Magazine’s "Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30,” Rachel uses her infectious energy to empower women to take control of their lives and pursue their passions without fear. Motivational, inspirational, and always approachable, Rachel’s tell-it-like-it-is attitude is a refreshing approach that allows her to authentically connect with millions of women around the world. Rachel has worked with top brands including Walmart, Disney Junior, JCPenney, Rubbermaid, Sprint, and Keurig to create innovative and compelling content for Chic Media’s award-winning women’s lifestyle blog. Rachel is the author of the bestselling Girls Series, including Party Girl, Sweet Girl and Smart Girl, as well as a cookbook, Upscale Downhome. Rachel resides in Los Angeles with her husband and four children. For more information, visit TheChicSite.com.
Rachel grew up in a big loud Okie family. Daddy was a Pentecostal minister and Mama was the church pianist… and PS, she knows the words to all the old-timey hymns in case you want to break into three-part harmony later.

She moved to Los Angeles to go to college and promptly met a boy named David who was as handsome as he was funny. First she made that boy her best friend, and then she made him her husband. 10 years later they have three equally handsome/hilarious little boys named Jackson, Sawyer, and Ford. They live in LA where they spend their time doing super cool/sexy things like going to soccer practice and hitting up any restaurant where kids eat free with the purchase of an adult entrΓ©e.

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Blog Tour - Unbroken Threads by Jennifer Klepper

Jessica Donnelly’s life is beginning to unravel. When the attorney turned stay-at-home mom tentatively volunteers to represent Amina Hamid, a woman seeking asylum, Jessica must learn an unfamiliar area of the law. Soon, rising opposition to Muslim immigration and unexpected prejudices put her relationships on shaky ground.
Amina fled Syria with
little more than memories that now fight against the images splashed on the
news. Seeking a secure future and freedom from guilt and grief, she must learn
to trust others amidst the reality of fear and hate.

To find stability, Jessica
and Amina will both need to harness their own strengths, which may lie in
connections that transcend generations, cultures, and continents.

About Jennifer

A Midwest native,
Jennifer made stops in Dallas, Charlottesville, and Boston before settling for
good in Maryland. While she has an appreciation for the expansive beauty of the
plains states, she hopes never to live landlocked again.

Jennifer attended Southern
Methodist University and the University of Virginia School of Law, her law
degree guiding her through the worlds of corporate law, tech startups, and
court advocacy for foster children. She is an ardent consumer of podcasts and
books that challenge her with compelling and unfamiliar topics. When she’s not
writing, she’s crossing things off a never-ending to-do list and hoping to
catch that next sunset. Jennifer lives near Annapolis with her husband and two

Contact Jennifer

@JenniferKlepperAuthor (

@jennifer_klepper (

Twitter: @jenklepper (https://twitter.com/jenklepper)

Website: www.jenniferklepper.com

Monday, September 10, 2018

How My Real Life Enriched Becoming the Talbot Sisters by Rachel Linden

How My Real Life Enriched Becoming the Talbot Sisters
By Rachel Linden
I’m often asked where I get the inspiration for my books and how much of my real life is in each one. The short answer is: a lot comes from my personal experiences! I love creating stories about hope, courage and connection with a hint of romance and a dash of whimsy. I also enjoy setting each story in beautiful locations around the world that are meaningful to me. Here are 5 ways my real life experiences enriched and inspired Becoming the Talbot Sisters!

1. The main themes of the story – infertility, miscarriage, and the exploitation of women are all deeply personal for me. While living in Budapest, we lost our first baby through miscarriage, so I really connected on an emotional level with Waverly’s struggle to have a baby and her loss of multiple pregnancies.

2. Working with a faith based NGO in central Europe, I met and helped many women in trauma. Some of them had endured trafficking and all had endured sexual abuse of some kind. Hearing their stories gave me very authentic insights for the plotline involving Charlie’s past trauma and her dilemma about helping vulnerable women.

3. I set the story mainly in central Europe and Budapest where we lived for 5 years. It’s a beautiful, somewhat undiscovered region of the world, rich with history, culture and delicious food! It was a total delight to allow Waverly and Charlie to experience so much of what I did in my years living and traveling there! My love for the region and my wonderful memories of life there definitely enhanced the story considerably.

4. I am passionate about helping women, and am so excited to be donating 10% of my author proceeds to help end the sexual exploitation and trafficking of women in Europe! I am partnering with an amazing organization, Hope Dies Last, which is based in Budapest and works all over Europe to help women who are being sexually exploited. I have volunteered with this organization and love the ways they help women!

5. The overarching theme of the story, women being “every day brave,” is one I am deeply passionate about. As women we face so many challenges in life, and I wanted to write a story that encouraged women everywhere to face each challenge with hope, courage and strength! This theme of courage resonates strongly with me, and I hope it will encourage all readers to be “every day brave!”

Connect with Rachel



Thursday, September 6, 2018

Class Mom by Laurie Gelman

Jen Dixon is not your typical Kansas City kindergarten class mom--or mom in general. Jen already has two college-age daughters by two different (probably) musicians, and it's her second time around the class mom block with five-year-old Max--this time with a husband and father by her side. Though her best friend and PTA President sees her as the-wisest-candidate for the job (or oldest), not all of the other parents agree.

From recording parents' response times to her emails about helping in the classroom, to requesting contributions of-special-brownies for curriculum night, not all of Jen's methods win approval from the other moms. Throw in an old flame from Jen's past, a hyper-sensitive -allergy mom,-a surprisingly sexy kindergarten teacher, and an impossible-to-please Real Housewife-wannabe, causing problems at every turn, and the job really becomes much more than she signed up for.

My Thoughts
This was the perfect book to read before the new school year!  I loved every minute of it.  I would LOVE to have a class mom like Jen Dixon!  In my son's elementary school, I think some of these parents (and class moms) are ridiculous and I try to stay as far away from them and the job as possible.
The fact that she has taken on this craziness when she's older and more mature (maybe) is hilarious!
This book has so many laugh out loud moments from Jen running into her ex high school flame, crazy parents trying to de-throne her, cheating scandals and so much more.
You will love every page and devour this book in a few days tops!

Drink Selection
Back to school always calls for a drink, Margarita it is!


Laurie Gelman
About Laurie
Laurie Gelman was born and raised in the Great White North. She spent twenty-five years as a broadcaster in both Canada and the United States before trying her hand at writing novels. Laurie lives in New York City with her husband, Michael Gelman, and two teenage daughters. Class Mom is her first book.

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The Night Olivia Fell by Christine McDonald

A search for the truth. A lifetime of lies.

In the small hours of the morning, Abi Knight is startled awake by the phone call no mother ever wants to get: her teenage daughter Olivia has fallen off a bridge. Not only is Olivia brain dead, she’s pregnant and must remain on life support to keep her baby alive. And then Abi sees the angry bruises circling Olivia’s wrists.

When the police unexpectedly rule Olivia’s fall an accident, Abi decides to find out what really happened that night. Heartbroken and grieving, she unravels the threads of her daughter’s life. Was Olivia’s fall an accident? Or something far more sinister?

My Thoughts
I don't know where to begin...this story was amazing.  It takes a lot to make me cry and this one did it for me. 
Without giving too much away, you must read it to understand it. 
I have a teenage daughter in a "serious" relationship and if this was ever the situation I found myself in, I don't know what I would do.
This story will tug at your heartstrings and have you really thinking and understanding teenagers and what goes through their minds.
The story revolves around the night Olivia fell and what events bring her to that very moment. You will be devastated for this mother but you will also see the power of healing and acceptance.  It is a dark tale with a true light at the end of the tunnel.

Drink Selection
I need to pair a comfort drink with this read, a hot apple cider for this time of year.

Christina McDonald
About Christine
Christina McDonald is the author of domestic suspense novel The Night Olivia Fell, to be published by Simon and Schuster early in 2019.

An author, journalist and copywriter, Christina has worked for companies such as The Sunday Times, Dublin, The Connacht Tribune, Galway, Expedia, USAToday.com, Travelex, and Pearson Publishing. Originally from Seattle, WA, she holds an MA in Journalism from the National University of Ireland Galway, and now lives in London, England.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The One the I Want by Lynne Shelby

When Lucy Ashford lands a top job at a leading theatrical agency in London, work mixes with pleasure, as she literally falls into the arms of Hollywood heartthrob Daniel Miller.

Handsome, charming and irresistible, Daniel is just what unlucky-in-love Lucy needs, and she is quickly drawn into his glittering celebrity lifestyle. But can she tame the A-list bad boy or is she just one more girl in Daniel s long line of conquests?

And then there s up-and-coming actor Owen Somers, fiercely talented but as yet uncast in a starring role. After she takes him onto the agency s books, Owen and Lucy s friendship slowly grows. If she looks closely, Lucy s leading man might be right before her very eyes...

My Thoughts
What a fun read!  And isn't the cover gorgeous?
Lucy has just had her life turned upside down and she wants to get away!
Her fairy godmother, actually it's her best friend Cassie, shows up at her door and offers her a place to live in London and whisks her away!
When she arrives in London she lands a pretty cush job - meeting stars and maybe dating one or two.
Just when things start to look up, BAM all hell breaks lose! People get fired, others cheat and others fall in love?  Hold on tight, you will love this crazy ride!

Drink Selection
Toffee and Bubbles from The Blue Room!


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Book Blitz for Go On, Girl by Hilary Grossman

Go on , Girl by Hilary Grossman
Release date: 9/10/18❤️❤️❤️

🍾🍾🍾New Book and Giveaways: A google home mini? A $75 back to school mom's survival kit? This book is perfect for back to school.
Executive, wife, and mother of an outgoing first-grader, Sydney Clayton crushes her day-to-day obligations at work but flounders in the cutthroat world of parental politics.
She manages to avoid the local drama until she’s faced with an ultimatum: join the Forest River PTA or risk her daughter becoming a social outcast. Sydney reluctantly becomes treasurer, and takes the recently vacated position of the president’s sidekick. If protecting the children’s freedom of speech, one best friend ban at a time, isn’t complicated enough, Sydney and her husband receive an unexpected offer for their house they don’t think they can refuse.
Embroiled in the deception and manipulation rife among the elementary school moms, Sydney struggles. Should she sell the home she worked so hard to build in a town where betrayal runs rampant? Or should she stay put to avoid the fallout from uprooting her child? As Sydney focuses on what is best for her daughter, and lets go of her judgments, she finds friendship can develop in very unexpected ways.
Warm, witty, and wise, Go On, Girl dramatizes the dilemmas of life in the suburbs and the bonds shared by women. Perfect for fans of Class Mom and I Don’t Know How She Does It.
❤️❤️❤️The book will be $0.99 for the first ten days. After 9/16 the price will increase to $3.99❤️❤️❤️
The book is already live on Amazon with a pre-order link. You can order here:
🍾🍾🍾Do you want to win a giveaway of a Google Home Mini? Share this post on your social mefia to enter: Here is the link for the rafflecopter. Please share with your posts!
πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šTo celebrate the release I am also putting Plan Bea on Sale for Free. If you can include in your posts, I’d greatly appreciate it.
🍾🍾🍾ANOTHER GIVEAWAY: On Hilary's FB author page https://www.facebook.com/HilaryGrossmanAuthor of a $75 value mom’s back-to-school survival gift box. She will pick the winner live on FB on 9/10 - enter and share!
About the author:
By day, Hilary Grossman works in the booze biz. By night she hangs out with her "characters." She has an unhealthy addiction to denim and high heel shoes. She's been known to walk into walls and fall up stairs. She only eats spicy foods and is obsessed with her cat, Lucy. She loves to find humor in everyday life. She likens life to a game of dodge ball - she tries to keep many balls in the air before they smack her in the face. She lives on Long Island.
To find out more of what Hilary Grossman is up to check out her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/HilaryGrossmanAuthor or find her on Twitter https://twitter.com/feelingbeachie
And Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/books/go-on-girl-by-hilary-grossman
❤️❤️❤️Please leave a review ❤️❤️