Sunday, December 25, 2016

Review: The Way We Were by Sinead Moriarty

She thought he had died.  She made a new life.  Then he came back...
Alice and Ben. A couple like any other.  Bound together by love, work, children, familiarity, a shared sense of purpose.
     Arguing about the usual things too - in-laws, whose career is more important, which of them is a soft touch with the children, who hates change and who craves it.
     But when Ben takes a step into the unknown, and brings devastation on the family, it forces them to look at everything in a whole new way.  Because, as far as they know, this is the end of the line for their family.
     So what will happen if they get a second chance? Can they - should they - go back to the way they were?

My thoughts 
What a story...It will tug at your heartstrings all the way till the end!
Alice and Ben are your picture perfect couple.  They have everything that anyone could ask for - amazing jobs as doctors, great friends, the house they have always wanted and worked for and last but not least they have each other and their two amazing daughters.  At least that's what Alice thought...Ben had been getting very sidetracked lately.  He's edgy, away from home a lot and looking for the next best opportunity.

Is it a midlife crisis? Has he met someone else?  Alice is really starting to feel like a single mom.  She works a full time job as a general practitioner in her own practice, takes care of all the kids needs and takes care of the home.  Ben works long hours and takes even longer bike rides when not at work.

Then Ben gets a call to go abroad and assist in an important surgery.  This is what he has been looking for.  Adventure - traveling, meeting new people and getting away.  He wants more.

And then devastation strikes...their worlds will never be the same.  What will happen to Alice, Ben, Jools, and Holly?  Will their family survive?  Grab this book and dive in today!

Drink Selection
The perfect wine selection would be a African wine - Golden Kaan - I am going with a Merlot.  Delish!
You will not be able to put down The Way We Were, it will suck you in and tug at your emotions!  5 wine glasses all the way!

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