Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Review - Broken Bay by Andrea Dunlop

Hannah—knee-deep in nailing down catering plans and floral arrangements for her upcoming nuptials—is ready for some R&R. Stealing off to a quiet, secluded island off the coast of Washington state for good wine and fresh air with her four best friends seems like the perfect way to spend her bachelorette weekend.

But the island may have other ideas.

Halfway through the trip, the bride-to-be mysteriously disappears, leaving the bridesmaids confused and increasingly panicked. To make matters worse, there’s something…amiss about the house they’re staying in. As the tension rises, personalities clash, secrets spill out, and the girls begin seeing and hearing things they can’t explain. While Hannah’s friends desperately try to discover what has happened to her, an ominous storm rolls in that could trap them on the island indefinitely. Now the girls who came to celebrate with Hannah begin to wonder, is she going to make it to the wedding? Is she going to make it home at all?

My Thoughts
What a great short story! I'm always iffy about short stories - not enough drama, no story line, no plot, no ending, etc.  Andrea Dunlop did not disappoint!  This story has everything from ghosts to mystery and thrills and chills all packed into one novella!
Hannah is planning the wedding of her dreams, well not of her dreams, of her mother in laws dreams.  She's basically just along for the ride.
In no time it's her bachelorette weekend!  What better place to get away then to a secluded island and a gorgeous old home that is all theirs!
After a night out on the town (at the only bar in town) the bride goes missing.  Did she get cold feet and run?  Was she kidnapped?  All while they are trying to locate Hannah some spooky things begin to happen - first a horrible storm and then seeing ghostsGrab this novella and find out how it ends!

Drink Selection
Going to go with a favorite to all, Champs!  Yum!  Hannah should be celebrating in style!
What a good story from beginning to end, 4 wine glasses all the way!

About the Author
I'm the author of the novel LOSING THE LIGHT (Atria Books).

I am also the social media & marketing director for Girl Friday Productions in Seattle. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have about marketing/social media/writing/self-publishing or anything else you think I might be able to help with.

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