Saturday, June 3, 2017

Review - Fall Into Magic by Melissa Baldwin

After a devastating breakup in the middle of her summer vacation, Summer Peters knows she needs something to distract her. What better than the arrival of fall, Halloween, and a new client? Though she assumes that Alexander Williams will be a hands-off client, she is surprised to find him very down-to-earth. She’s immediately drawn to him, much to the dismay of his overprotective assistant. When it becomes obvious that he feels the same, she begins to wonder if their meeting was meant to be.

Just when she thinks she could be ready to move on with her life, her ex-boyfriend Jake returns for a second chance. She’s in for even more of a surprise when she learns her nosy, meddling neighbor is actually a psychic pushing to reveal details of her future.

Summer doesn’t know which way to turn as she feels like she’s being pulled in different directions. Between Alexander, his assistant, and her ex-boyfriend, she fears she may not be ready to move on after all. She considers turning to her neighbor for advice but the fear of knowing exactly what the future holds is more frightening than not knowing. 

My Thoughts 
I was looking for a fun series to start and I found a great one!  Fall Into Magic was just what I needed.  It's fun, set around Halloween and has a romantic tale attached!
This series follows the life of Summer Peters, and in this particular novella she has just gone through a humiliating break up with her ex Jake.  I mean, seriously who dumps someone while on vacation at the beach?
She is looking for as many distractions as she can and she dives headfirst into her business.  (She's an interior designer)
She meets with her new client - Alexander - who just so happens to be gorgeous (how perfect is that?) and he is impressed with her thoughts on his home (or maybe he's more impressed with her) and he hires her!  On the spot!
This story has many dips and turns - she deals with her ex, starts to fall in love, has dealings with a psychic and a Halloween to remember (or I can't forget the personal assistant from hell!).
I am currently reading book 2 in the series and you will love that one just as much!

Drink Selection
I choose a fun drink associated with Summer and Alexander's favorite movie, Grease!  Try this awesome Pink Lady cocktail!  Delish!
From beginning to end I loved it!  5 wine glasses all the way!


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