Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fairytale Beginnings

Do you truly believe in fairytales?

Are you looking for your happily ever after?

We have all fallen in love with Disney and their amazing way of showing us that the girl will find her prince and live happily ever after.  Is that truly the case though in real life?

And that brings me to our present day love story between Cameron and Milly...

Both have not had it easy when it comes to love.
Milly has always found the wrong guys and the one man whom she thought she would be with the rest of her life, her prince, was killed in an accident and she was left alone.

Cameron is the super sexy guy who has no troubles getting the ladies, he wines and dines them and moves on.  He is afraid to truly commit and trust until one day...

Milly arrives in Clovers Rest for a work meeting, she investigates historical buildings, castles more specifically for Castle Heritage.  Cameron has asked them to help in restoring Clover Castle, which has been passed down through his family for many generations.

From the first moment their eyes meet there is some sort of connection.  Is it fate?  Is it love at first sight?

As the secrets of Clover Castle unfold and their chemistry intensifies will they give in to the passion or will it just be another fleeting romance?

Will they find their fairytale ending?

This book is full of love, ghosts, a crazy community of characters and a truly amazing story that will grab you from the very beginning!  When you believe that you finally have the story figured out, another curve ball is thrown into the mix!  Simply amazing story telling Holly!  

And because I love wine, when your reading this amazing fairytale, I would pair it with a great glass of Once Upon a Vine - the Fairest Chardonnay.  What better way to enjoy the perfect romantic fairytale..

My review in terms of wine (obviously) -
Drank the whole bottle in just one sitting  (Don't was that good)

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