Monday, June 15, 2015

Twin Piques

First of all, I could not stop laughing! Such a great read from beginning to end! It's a mixture of sweet, sexy and sassy all in one!

Sloane is the very serious forensic accountant and Willa is a sweet pet psychic who loves all animals and will drop anything to help a furry friend in need! These two couldn't be anymore different if they tried...

The both seem to have terrible luck (and choices) in men. These men never treat them right. There issues with men dated back to their father who left there mom to raise them all on her own. 

Willa seemed to move on from that issue, Sloane on the other hand has never gotten over their father leaving them and that has followed her into her personal life as well as professional demeanor. 

Willa on the other hand, you is constantly looking for the love of her life and she believes that he is out there!

Sloane is looking to climb the corporate ladder has quickly as possible and that is where she devotes all of her time and energy. Willa is a little more care free and goes with the flow each day.

Gav has been their best friend since they were younger and has always been there for the girls whenever they needed him. He has always had a soft spot for Sloane, but the timing has never been right for the two of them, but maybe that will change?

There are many bumps along the way for the sisters, you never know what direction this story is going to take!

We all know by now, I have a love of all things wine, so why not pair this amazing book with a glass!  I would pair this sassy read with Sassy Bitch Merlot!  This choice is for Sloane, she may have her issues with men but she is one sassy bitch!  Cheers!

MY REVIEW: Drank the Entire Bottle ~ (Don't was that good!!) Wouldn't change a thing, and I would love to read it again! 


  1. Love this review! Thanks, Bethany. :)

    Laughing at your choice of Sassy Bitch Merlot! That's perfect for Sloane, although she does sometimes get into trouble when she drinks too much wine . . . ;)

  2. I thought so too Tracie! She needs to unwind a little more often! xx

  3. This looks like fun! On my list.....