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Blog Tour Stop and GIVEAWAY! Q & A with Tracy Krimmer, author of Jay Walking

This gorgeous Sunday morning, I have the chance to chat with Tracy Krimmer, the author of Jay Walking which is available as we speak! 
Here are a few great books Tracy has written:
The highly anticipated release of - 
Other books include:
These are just a few titles from Tracy!  Check them out!  You will not be disappointed! 

Tracy, Thank You so much for taking some time out of your crazy schedule to meet with me today!  I am so overjoyed to be able to interview you for my new blog, One Book At A Time!  Welcome!  Let me begin by saying congrats on your newest publication, Jay Walking!

Tracy, let me begin by saying, I just finished Jay Walking and loved every minute of it! A little bird has told me that there is another book in the works. Can you give my readers a little insight into what the next story may be about?
First, thanks so much for having me! Yes, I have just finished the very rough first draft of Kate’s story. You first meet Kate in Caching In, and she is Seth’s sister. People have asked for more about her. She is not in Caching In a lot, but people don’t care for her actions in the book. Hopefully this book will give more insight into her life. She picks up and leaves town to start over. I hope to release this in 2015, but 2016 may be more realistic. Stay tuned!

Where did you get your inspiration for Caching In and Jay Walking?  

For Caching In, geocaching had always been something that intrigued me and when my friend Rebecca took me for the first time, I loved it. The title popped into my head and the rest just flowed into place. Jay Walking started off as an entirely different book, but I wanted to grow Chelsea’s character from Caching In. In most reviews, people don’t like Chelsea because she has a ton of growing up to do. She does this by the end of Jay Walking. I love fitness and I wanted to write a book with that as a theme, and I also wanted to focus on loving your own body.

If Caching In and Jay Walking were to be made into a movie, who would be cast?  

This is a hard question, and why Pinterest boards are awesome! Here’s my cast for the main characters:
Caching In: 
Ally – Jennifer Lawrence
Seth – Jake Gyllenhaal
Jay Walking:
Chelsea – Scarlett Alice Johnson
Jay – Zachary Levi

How do you handle writer’s block if you stumble upon it? Does it typically last for a few days? A few hours? 

I don’t want to say I never get writer’s block anymore. I think I have learned to move past it. I work on a blog post or skip ahead to a scene I already see playing in my mind. If I take a shower, ideas tend to come to me. If I’m that stuck on a scene, it probably means I should axe it.

Lastly, when you are not in the zone writing another great book, what do you like to do for fun? 

I’m always in the zone. Ideas never leave my mind. However, I do love to read (obviously!), watch television (I’m kind of a couch potato), workout (yes, that contradicts, but I work out and then sit on the couch!), play games (love Scrabble), and go places like the zoo, mini-golfing, or bowling. I just love spending time with my family!

Tracy,  THANK YOU so much for visiting One Book At A Time this morning!  I had an fun time catching up with you and helping your readers learn more about the woman behind these amazing books!  I look forward to hearing more details about your next book when we chat more!  You will have to stop by and fill my readers in as well!!
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