Monday, April 18, 2016

Review: Christmas in Dixie by Beth Albight

Inheriting this old southern mansion might have been the best thing to ever happen to Hollywood chef Rhonda Cartwright. It brought her back home to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, her long lost hometown. Restoring the old place to all its former glory, she is ready for the house to make its debut as Tuscaloosa’s new finest B&B. The Tuscaloosa Christmas Gala will be the stage for it all and it’s only a few days away. With her new lover and old best friends surrounding her, she is poised to finally get the life she has always dreamed of: safe and secure and predictable.

But just when Rhonda Cartwright thinks she has finally uncovered the last of the family secrets, a woman from the past shows up on her doorstep with secrets of her own. And just wait till Rhonda’s unpredictable, unapologetic mother appears at the Christmas Gala with a surprise date.

Christmas chaos ensues and Rhonda and her group of Belles will be on the case, trying to pull it all together before the big night of the Gala. Christmastime in the Deep South is almost always full of surprises. Just not this kind of surprise.

Rhonda needs a miracle to pull off the Gala, or a real life Santa—well maybe she’ll find both, right here in Dixie.

Let me begin by saying that this is such a fun series of books!  I LOVE all things southern and these books bring that out for me!  From the fun sayings, the way of the life, the crazy families and amazing friendships, Beth has put together an amazing depiction of the true southern way of life for us all to enjoy and become a part of!
Rhonda never thought that she would leave LA and come back home to Tuscaloosa, Alabama!  Stranger things have happened in Rhonda's life and back home is where she landed.  She never really felt like LA had truly become her home.  She was living what she thought was her dream, but her dreams have taken her back to the home she grew up in. 
She has completely refurbished the Cartwright Estate with the help of her amazing friends the Sassy Belles, Drew, her sisters and the boyfriend of hers!
When she was just getting settled, the house was set for the grand opening and she couldn't be more happy and relaxed, Jack's ex-wife has come flouncing back into town and stirring up trouble.
Will their opening go off without a hitch?  Will Rhonda lose the house that she has come to love again?  Sit back and enjoy this fun Christmas story about the southern Sassy Belles and this crazy family from the deep south!

I am going with Villa Sandi NV Il Fresco Brut Prosecco DOC, a great wine to toast to these family and friends and lost loves being back together during the holiday season!  

What a fun story from beginning to end, never a dull moment with this cast of characters!  I give this fun Christmas story 5 wine glasses, Enjoy!  


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