Friday, April 15, 2016

Review: The Paris Effect by K.S.R. Burns

A suspenseful, moving and at times hilarious novel about love, loss, Paris, food and finding yourself. Amy is 29, tired of living in her hometown of Phoenix, and at odds with her very predictable engineer husband. When her closest girlfriend dies she makes a spectacularly rash decision that takes her to Paris, her dream city. But maybe not the best destination, as Amy is always on a diet and is plagued by irksome dieting "rules." In Paris she is robbed, stalked, arrested, kidnapped (almost) and-worse-finds that her problems have come right along with her. Grab a croissant and settle in for a decidedly non-touristy trip to the City of Light.

What an interesting story from beginning to end.  I will be honest I was not terribly enthralled by the first half of the story.  I really found it hard to relate to and understand.  Amy's food obsession was crazy and downright irritating at times.  I was practically screaming at her to EAT SOMETHING!  
Then there is Amy and Will's relationship, it is pretty evident that they met, slept together, got pregnant and had a shot gun wedding.  And as you will learn through out the story they truly know nothing about the other.  
Paris...the City of Love and Lights...or is it?
Amy's closest friend Kat dies, but not before they devise this intricate plan that will take place after her recovery.  They were going to celebrate with a trip to Paris. 
Last minute and probably not in the right mindset, Amy takes her stash and just up and decides to go on her own, to live out her and Kat's dream.
You will meet so many characters along this interesting and crazy from the library, cast of interesting characters in Paris including a savior of sorts for Amy and an unlikely friend.  
I won't be giving away the turn of events that unfold but I will say that the ending is what you will least expect and it had be surprised all the way to the end.
Sit back, grab a bottle of your favorite wine and enjoy this sometimes happy, sometimes creepy (even a little love and obsession thrown into the mix)  journey of Amy's life and her journey to truly find herself.   

I am going to pick a nice bottle of Riesling to go with this whirlwind tale, Fox Run Vineyards Riesling 12.

I struggled when I was deciding what "score" to give this book, I had a love/dislike relationship at different times.  I believe that this story deserves between 3 1/2 and 4 wineglasses - due to the high energy and crazy turn of events at the end, I will be giving The Paris Effect 4 wine glasses.

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