Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Review - Friends ForNever by Melissa Baldwin

Erin Taylor is a hard-working journalist with a serious TV addiction and lack of a social life. She’s focused on her career and determined to leave her tiny cubicle behind for a fabulous corner office! But when a new co-worker, a friendship drama, and a hot workplace crush collide, Erin finds it harder and harder to focus. Especially when that crush on the oh-so-yummy Aiden Thomas starts to materialize into what feels like a magical relationship. Erin's life seems to finally be heading in the right direction...until suddenly friends aren't such great friends after all, her magical relationship hits a bumpy road, and her career could be derailed by it all. Erin learns a lesson the hard way: Sometimes people aren’t who they seem to be. With her happiness on the line, can Erin rise above her disappointments and create the life she's always dreamed of or will she be stuck being Friends ForNever?
My Thoughts 
What a fun end of summer read!  I read it in a few days and LOVED every page!  I couldn't put it down!
Erin Taylor has the job she has always dreamed up - a journalist!  She's also like me and LOVES TV and doesn't get out much.  LOL
She is determined to get her own office and won't stop till she gets there!
But then an amazing work trip presents herself and Erin can't back away from the chance to go abroad!
This new position has pit everyone in the company against each other and it's almost become survival of the fittest!
And then there is Aiden...He truly sounds delicious and Erin has been smitten for months.
Between the job backstabbing, friends who aren't really her friends, new nightmare co-workers and her new found romance, her life has gotten extremely complicated and messy!
Sit back and enjoy the ride at the end you will still be wanting more!

Drink Selection
I want to pair this fun story with a drink with a little Persian flare - Persian Rose Cocktail!  Delish!
I loved this story from beginning to end!  5 wine glasses all the way!

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