Monday, September 26, 2016

Review: Pink Lies by Haley Todd Kitts

Scarlett Hanes, recent graduate of College of Charleston, is not your typical S.O.B(South of Broad)who grew up near Rainbow Row. Growing up privileged with the well-known Riley name, Scarlett denies herself any favors that could land her an interview because of “who” her family knows. She’s discouraged and ready to throw in the towel after many failed attempts to land a career as a writer. It only takes one night out with her best friend, Addison, too many tequila shots, and a slightly fabricated resume to land a prestigious job interview with a magazine conglomerate in the Big Apple. Scarlett finds herself in a web of destruction hurting everyone she cares about along the way. She's constantly battling the fine line of "is it deception?" white lies? …or should I say “Pink Lies” because what could be wrong with a lie if it’s pink? From the Ravenel Bridge to Brooklyn Bridge, Scarlett must find peace with her decisions.
My Thoughts 
Let me begin by saying how much I LOVE Charleston SC!  I have been saying for years that this is where I will move one day.  When I met Haley and I found out a portion was set there I had no choice but to start reading that night and I was not disappointed.  I loved this story from beginning to end and I CAN'T WAIT for the next in the series (there is one right Haley?)
When I first saw the cover, I knew it couldn't be any more fitting.  It is pink (my favorite color) and it screams Charleston as well as another favorite of mine Lilly Pulitzer!

Scar is a recent graduate of the College at Charleston and she is having the worst time finding a job!  She would love to work in NYC one day but she would settle for a good job at this point.
She had the luck of growing up near that amazing site to see - Rainbow Row:
What more can a girl ask for? She also grew up with the Riley name which did help quite frequently.  But that name is NOT helping her start her writing career.
Then one night Scar and Addison were drinking (Tequila of all things) and Addison MAY have sent a slightly fabricated resume to Cosmo in NYC.  Who would ever know the wiser, it's not like they would ever call her for a job interview...and then they did.
She is asked to be in the city in a few short days and while there she MAY have allowed the fabrication to continue, who would ever find out?

This story will have you laughing, crying and just plain smiling from beginning to end.  From her move to the big city, to dating two amazing men and writing in her dream city, you won't want to put it down.   Lies are always better in Pink, right?

Drink Selection 
I would have to go with a tasty White Haven Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand! You will want to enjoy a few glasses or even a whole bottle from begging to end!  Why not?
I LOVED every part of this book and I can't wait to read more in the series! 5 glasses it is!  Get your copy today!  You won't be disappointed!

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