Sunday, November 5, 2017

Every Other Saturday by M.J.Pullen

Struggling store owner Julia Mendel and sports blogger Dave "from the Man Cave" Bernstein have never gotten along, even though their daughters have been in the same preschool class for three years. She sees him as the arrogant, misogynist symbol of everything that's wrong with the men in her life. He sees her as the odd, short-tempered PTA president, out to make his life more difficult at every opportunity. When Dave and Julia find themselves in competition for the same babysitter, a confrontation in the carpool lane leads to an uneasy compromise: pool their resources to share nanny services every-other Saturday night. After a while, Dave finds himself sharing his dating stories across Julia's kitchen table. On behalf of her special needs son, Julia reluctantly turns to Dave for the masculine perspective she's been missing since her divorce. As the Saturdays wear on, however, they may discover they have more in common than car seats and custody schedules. Will there be a second chance at love?

My Thoughts
A sweet and sassy romance all wrapped up into a fun chick lit read!
Divorced mom of 2, Julia, is trying to run a store that her father had left her and her
family  and she isn't doing well.  She she keep going or throw in the towel?  Then there is Dave "from the Man Cave" who gives all sorts of manly opinions from football to dating.  He was recently challenged to go on several dates and blog about them.  He has booked Elizabeth, his go to sitter for several weeks in advance for every Saturday.
Julia needs to earn some extra cash and calls Elizabeth to book her for Saturdays so she can work weddings with her sister.  There is only one problem, Dave booked them all!  She begs and pleads for him to get a new sitter.  They settle on sharing Elizabeth and helping each other out.
Along the way they develop a slight crush on each other - Julia more so than Dave.  How will this all end?  Will Julia capture Dave's heart?  Will Dave fall in love with one of his challenge dates?
Get your copy today and enjoy this sassy read!

Drink Selection
While enjoying this romantic find, enjoy an Apple Cider Mule!  Delish!

Fun read from beginning to end.  4 wines glasses for this sassy find.
 About the Author 
M.J. Pullen
MANDA (M.J.) PULLEN is the author of complex, funny, contemporary romances including The Marriage Pact trilogy. She was raised in the suburbs of Atlanta by a physicist and a flower child, who taught her that life is tragic and funny, and real love is anything but simple. After traveling around Europe and living in cities like Austin and Portland, she returned to Atlanta where she lives with her husband and two sons. 

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