Saturday, November 18, 2017

Live Fast Die Hot by Jenny Mollen

Jenny Mollen is a writer and actress living in New York. Until recently, her life was exciting, sexy, a little eccentric, and one hundred percent impulsive. She had a husband who embraced her crazy--who understood her need to occasionally stalk around the house in his ex-girlfriend's old beach caftans and to invite their drug dealer to Passover seder (so he wouldn't feel like they were using him only for drugs). Then they had their son, Sid, and overnight, Jenny was forced to grow up: to be responsible, to brush her hair, to listen to her voicemail. Searingly funny and surprisingly affecting, Live Fast Die Hot is a collection of stories about what happens when you realize that some things are more important than crafting the perfect tweet--and a reminder that even if you never thought you were cut out for parenting, at least you can be better at it than your mother.

My Thoughts 
She is freakin' hilarious!  I follow her Instagram and I can't get enough! 
She makes everything funny - from talking about her husband (Jason Biggs) to her child and everything in between.
Little eccentric - no I would say ALOT - in a good way!
She may speak of wearing his Ex's caftans (truth) and ghosts in her house, oh and she may drop a few choice words along the way at PERFECT times!
AND then she had a kid...her world has changed and her child rearing skills are something to read about!
I refuse to give away too much - just go order a copy now!

Drink Selection
With some of the crazy predicaments she got into, I would say a little jack and coke would hit the spot.

Hilarious from beginning to end, 5 wine glasses all the way!

About the Author 
Jenny Mollen is an actress and writer, called one of the funniest women on Twitter by The Huffington Post. She writes for Playboy Online, has appeared in "Wilfred," "Suits," "CSI NY," "Crash", the WB series "Angel", and plays a recurring character in the third season of HBO's "GIRLS."

She is also a wife and mother, married to a famous guy (which is annoying only because he gets free shit and she doesn't).

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