Thursday, July 5, 2018

Crazy Little Town Called Love by Jill Hannah Anderson

Thirty-two-year-old Molly’s cushy life in Minneapolis tanks when her long-time boyfriend bails on her and their underwater-mortgaged home. 

She needs a place to live and a new job—and the answer to both may be in a quaint town called Love. The town where her deceased mother grew up, a town where an old General Store and home have been willed to Molly’s family…a town with secrets and people with long memories. 

Can she trade her acrylic nails for pounding nails to revive a fixer-upper store? Molly is ready for a do-over and a chance to prove to herself that she can make it on her own. 

She puts elbow grease, heart, and half her savings, into giving the old place a facelift. As her business grows, so does her relationship with Jackson—the owner of the hardware store—and great-nephew to the woman who willed her business to Molly’s family. 

The tourist town of Love brims with quirky townspeople and fun events. And it is at one of these events that Molly is first threatened. 

Apparently, not everyone is happy to have her in town. As threats against her escalate, Molly has to decide if she’d be better off leaving Love or staying to fight for the life she’s created in the town that has stolen her heart. 

My Thoughts 
What a fun book! I loved the first book in this series, To Hell and Back Club! I wish there was one of those for me. I've definitely had my fair share of hell. 
Molly's life in Minnesota wasn't great but she was living comfortably. She went to dinner at nice places, colored her hair and did her nails. But her relationship was eh but they were getting by.   Then he bails on her. He lost his job and can't pay his half of the bills. She doesn't make much, how's she going to get by? 
Then she remembers her mom and dad being left a property in a town called Love. Cute right? 
What does she have to lose? 
She puts her heart and savings into fixing up this quaint general store. 
And Jackson, the hardware store owner, he sounds pretty sexy if you ask me. 
At least she has some eye candy to look at :). 
Just when she thought she was fitting in, things began to happen. Down right creepy things. 
Will she stay? Will she run back to the twin cities and say screw it? 

Drink Selection 
I am pairing this read with delicious Red Cat Sangria. Yum! 

5 wine glasses for sure! 

About Jill
Jill lives on a lake in Minnesota with her husband in their rarely-empty nest. They enjoy their six adult children and many grandchildren when they come to visit. Her first women’s fiction novel, The To-Hell-And-Back Club, debuted in May 2017. She is a member of Women’s Fiction Writers Association (WFWA). Her second novel, Crazy Little Town Called Love, will be published in July 2018. 
She loves to connect with book clubs! When she isn’t writing, or reading, you’ll find her running, curling, biking, and enjoying the great outdoors.

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