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Blog Tour for Secrets at Maple Syrup Farm - Q & A with the lovely Miss Rebecca Raisin

On this slightly overcast Friday afternoon, I had the chance to interview a great friend, Rebecca Raisin!  You all know Rebecca from her amazing stories, here are a few:
As well as...
Just to show a few of the many!

Rebecca, Thank You so much for taking some time out of your crazy schedule to meet with me today!  I am so overjoyed to be able to interview you for my new blog, One Book At A Time!  Welcome!  Let me begin by saying congrats on your newest publication, Secrets at Maple Syrup Farm!

Rebecca, I would like to begin this afternoon by asking, where did your inspiration for Secrets at Maple Syrup Farm come from?  Any specific stars you could see cast as the characters for the book in a movie adaptation?  
I was chatting to a guy who has read all the books set in Ashford, and he googled earthed the real town of Ashford! It’s spacious, and full of rolling meadows and farms, so I thought maybe a story set on the outskirts of town might work! My first thought was maple syrup, and when I researched how the trees were tapped, and how romantic it would be in that lovely snowy weather I was hooked!
For the main characters I instantly pictured a broody Channing Tatum for Clay, and for Lucy, I thought of Jennifer Lawrence! 

I'm sure there is a new book in the works, any details you would like to share with your readers?
I’m almost finished writing The Little Bookshop on the Seine, which is part of the upcoming Little Paris Collection! If you’ve read The Bookshop on the Corner, you’ll recognise Sarah, who is offered a bookshop exchange! It’s been so much fun writing about Paris! 

I would love to learn more about Rebecca now!  When you are not writing, what do you enjoy doing for fun alone?  With the kids?
Thank you! When I write, I write in my office, in silence! I have frequent breaks for social media, and Buzzfeed posts. I’m a huge reader, so if I’m not at the computer, I’m snuggled with a book. With my rambunctious boys, we usually draw, watch movies, or if its summer we head to the beach. It’s winter here at the moment, so we’ve been stuck inside, baking, reading, and making a huge amount of mess.

Are there any exciting trips that you have taken? Want to take in the future?  Is this where you get inspiration for so many of your books, from you travels?
We went to the UK, France, and Italy in one mammoth holiday in March! It was so much fun, and I am desperate to get back. I have plotted out the next six stories (which seems crazy!) and they were a reason I visited certain places. We’re trying to plan the next holiday, and as much as I’d love to go back to the UK, we may be going somewhere a little warmer.
I’m always inspired by a new place, even if it’s just a café down the road. There’s nothing better than soaking up the atmosphere and people watching, and okay…eavesdropping!

Lastly, when you look at the process of writing a book from beginning to end, what do you enjoy the most?  What do you enjoy the least? 
I love the shiny new idea, and the spark of enthusiasm and the way the beginning seems to write itself! Half-way through it becomes a slog, and I just keep going and push all the doubt away, promising myself I can edit slowly. Once the first rough draft is done, and I get structural edits back, that’s probably when I have the most fun. I really enjoy adding layers to it, and polishing it, with the extra comments from my editor, with her fresh perspective!
Thanks so much for having me on your blog!
Have a lovely day! xxx
Rebecca,  THANK YOU so much for visiting One Book At A Time this afternoon!  I had an fun time catching up with you and helping your readers learn more about the woman behind these amazing books!  I look forward to hearing more details about your next book when we chat more!  You will have to stop by and fill my readers in as well!!
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