Monday, July 6, 2015

Q & A with Hilary Grossman, the Author of Dangled Carat

On this amazing Monday morning, I have the honor of interviewing Hilary Grossman!  She is the author of Dangled Carat.

Hilary, Thank You so much for taking some time to meet with me today!  I am so overjoyed to be able to interview you for my new blog, One Book At A Time!  Welcome!

Hilary, I would like to begin this morning by asking, when writing Dangled Carat, how did it feel to relive that life event?  Could you believe some of the events you let happened?  The years without a proposal, would you let that happen again if you could go back in time?
Writing Dangled Carat was a very surreal experience for me. Not only did I relive dating and trying to convert a commitment-phobic man into a husband, I also had to relive a lot of other difficult moments in my life.  For example, I wrote about my father passing away when I was fourteen years old and having to wear a back brace. But it was funny. As I wrote, I came to realize how each moment of my life shaped me into the person I now am as well as the person who stayed in this relationship.
I often cringe at some of the things I did and allowed to happen during this period of my life.  But who doesn’t?  I think if we are all honest with ourselves we’d all like to shake some sense into our younger selves.  I like to say that Dangled Carat is for every girl who has/had dating drama… Sure the things that happened to me are different, but we’ve all been there…
If I could go back in time I think I would have changed some things but not many. I think I needed this experience to shape me into who I now am….

You have mentioned just finishing book 2, can you give us a little description of what we have to look forward to?
Book two is completely different than Dangled Carat – it is 100% fiction
The book asks the question how well do you really know those closest to you…. It is about a mother and daughter whose relationship has been destroyed by secrets, lies and misplaced blame.  But despite their differences the daughter reluctantly agrees to help her mother plan a wedding.

I know you consider yourself a workaholic at your full-time job, what is your favorite way to relax after a long day?
I am a total workaholic at my FT job, as a CFO of a beverage alcohol company, which is as different from being an author as I could possibly be. :)

I’m pretty simple when it comes to relaxing after work. First I must take a shower and wash the day off of me.  Then I like to pour a glass of wine, turn up some music, and cook dinner with my husband while we catch up on our days. In the warm weather I like to stroll down to the beach after work as well.  Oh, and there is nothing more relaxing that snuggling my cat Lucy :)

For those who have not had the chance to "meet" Miss Lucy, here she is in all her glory! 

Looking into the future, is there a 3rd book in the works?
Yes, there is!  And I already started it although I didn’t get too far. I don’t write much in the summer.  (I catch up on my reading then)

Book three is a spinoff of number two and it asks the question would you abandon you present for your past?   

Lastly, if you could take a dream vacation, where would that be? 
One day I really want to go to Europe, especially Italy.  But my favorite vacations are beach trips. I love nothing more than hanging out on a beach, listening to the ocean, digging my feet into the sand while reading a good book.  So my dream vacation would be a month long trip of various Caribbean islands – but I’d have to fly to each one…. I have no desire to go on a cruise.

Hilary, THANK YOU so much for visiting One Book At A Time this morning!  I had an fun time catching up with you and helping your readers learn more about the woman behind the book!  I look forward to hearing more details about your next book when we chat more!  You will have to stop by and fill my readers in as well!!

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