Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Girl's Guide to Getting Hitched by author Sophie Hart

Rule number one: Keep calm and marry on…

When new mum and events planner Julia Crawford is given the opportunity to plan three weddings, she jumps at the chance. What could possibly go wrong? …

Forget bridezilla, Aimee’s future mother-in-law is the stuff of nightmares – hell bent on taking over the wedding entirely. Worse still, her fiancé, Jon, seems oblivious. Aimee’s starting to wonder if she and her groom-to-be are right for each other after all…

Body shy Debbie is on a mission. She’s determined to shed a lot of pounds before the big day. As the wedding inches closer, will the new Debbie lose sight of what’s really important?

Gill loves Mike and their blended family of five kids to bits, but with a house full of teenage hormones and her eldest, Kelly, struggling with so much change, Gill is feeling the pressure...

As the women bond over cake and a cuppa, can they each resolve their wedding woes before the big day?

An uplifting, warm-hearted read packed with love, laughter and friendship. If you’re a fan of Jill Mansell, Milly Johnson or Lucy Diamond you’re in for a real treat.

Four amazing ladies - Julia, Aimee, Gill and Debbie - are so similar yet so different in many way.  Their individual stories had me laughing, near tears and yelling at my reader!

Julia is married with a precious little boy and a husband that loves her more than anything in this world but she is worried that her marriage isn't what it used to be.  Does Nick love her? Yes.  Does Nick feel a bond with their son?  She is worried that he may not be bonding the way she believes he should and it is making her angry on several occasion.

What will happen to her marriage? He family? Her happiness?  Can she truly do her job as a wedding planner and be happy for her clients when she is questioning her marriage and family life?

Aimee - where do I begin with this poor sweet girl.  I truly felt for her when her story began to unfold.  I would have to say that I was getting very upset SEVERAL times when this piece was developing in front of my eyes.  Will she and Jon make it to the alter?  Will she become an English teacher as she had always dreamed?  What will happen to this sweet, naive girl?

Debbie has had issues with her weight and self confidence from the time we meet her.  She wants to drop several sizes, she wants to look perfect for her fiancé, but when will she realize that she has always been prefect for her future husband?  Will it be before it's too late?  Does her extreme dieting end her walk down the isle?

Gill is getting married for the second time to Mike and amazing man that loves her and accepts her for who she is.  They are attempting to blend twp families together, and for those of us who have tried in the past (or present) know this is never easy.  Will her teenager Kelly stop the wedding before it begins?  Will Mike and Gill decide that blending their families may not work and go their own ways?

From beginning to end you fall in love with each of these stories and Sophie does an AMAZING job bringing you into the good and the bad of each story.  You not want to put this story down!

You will be drawn in by amazing characters that you can relate to, intricate details in Sophie's storytelling and a truly heart-warming story that will have you believe in happily ever after, even if it's not exactly how Disney makes us all picture it!

Typically I would be sharing my wine selection with my fans today, instead I would love to celebrate Sophie's book with a little bubbly instead!  I found the perfect selection for these girls in France, several bottles for several occasions!

For these AMAZING and STRONG women- 5 glasses of bubbly ( I never wanted the story to end or the bubbly for that matter!)

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