Friday, October 16, 2015

Review - A Sister's Place by Savannah Page

Sisters Gracie and Juliette Bennett used to be the best of friends. But over the years, time and distance have worn the ties of sisterhood that once bound them together. Each has been following her own life's path, growing further apart.

When their beloved grandmother Mimi passes the Bennett sisters are set to inherit her house--the charming Santa Barbara Craftsman, a family heirloom three generations old.

But there's a catch: In order to inherit their home away from home Gracie and Juliette must live at 1402 Laguna Lane for one year...together.

Now, in an unexpected and peculiar way, their paths intertwine. Gracie and Juliette have a chance to come together and reexamine their relationship, perhaps even become the kinds of friends only sisters can be. Because as they'll learn over the course of the trying year ahead, Mimi's clever plan is about more than preserving a piece of family history.

Differences will be embraced, pasts confronted, loyalties tested, and secrets revealed. And in their darkest hours Gracie and Juliette will have to decide if a sister's love is what they need to get through the year. If a unique friendship between sisters is what they've needed all along.

What's more important than a bond between two sisters?  Unfortunately Gracie and Juliette Bennett have no experienced that for several years.  Their path's in life have taken them on different adventures on different ends of the country.  

Grandma Mimi has other things up her sleeve though (with the help of their mother of course).  She passes her home down to the girls under one condition.  They are to live together, reconnect as sisters, for one year and then the house is theirs to do with as they wish.  Sneaky plan, but genius non the less.

The girls have had their fair share of ups in downs in the past - Gracie and ex boyfriend and Juliette's brush with the law (and that's putting it simply).   My thoughts are that if they had each other, they would have been able to fair these storms in a much better way. 

Present day they need each other now more than ever.  There is insight that Gracie can give Juliette in regards to her never ending job search and there is advice that Juliette can give regarding Gracie's on-again off-again relationship.

They have been put through the ringer, so to speak, and there was even a moment when one threatened to move out and never return.  

Will they make it to spring?  Will the girls part ways and never speak again?  

Such a good, well-written family bonding story that will have you talking back to the girls on occasion, wanting to give them YOUR advice.  

In celebration of Mimi and her love for oranges and her favorite orange tree, I will suggest an Orange Wine - Charonge, an Orange Chardonnay! 

For keeping me guessing on what the sisters would be doing from one day to the next, I rate this piece 4 wine glasses - I am happy that I had a chance to experience this book and enjoyed it each day.

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