Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Finds - For Free!

Hello everyone!  I have started a fun new Friday page for my blog - (Thanks to my AMAZING friend at @ThisChickReads )  awesome Free Kindle Books for you to enjoy!

Bestselling and award-winning author of romantic comedy Geralyn Corcillo has just released this collection of 4 RomCom short stories. Dates, dogs, football, monsters in the attic, misunderstandings, and unexpected discoveries abound in these tales of modern love.

***All Summer on a Date: The gorgeous Kyle Hunter is taking reformed iconoclast Summer to the party of the year. But when an unexpected dilemma slams into their exquisite evening, will Summer follow her date...or follow her heart?
****Random Acts of Violet: Cautious loner Violet Parker needs a new playbook when her quiet summer on campus collides with an unexpected eight year-old, a monster in the attic, and Noah...
***Miss Understanding in the Ballroom with the Wrench: Jesse and Peter meet at a party, but each is hiding the one thing that they think makes them un-dateable. Will their subterfuge and all the ensuing misunderstandings wreck everything? Just as the spark between them is about to ignite?
***Jane Austen Meets the New York Giants: The NYT Bestselling true story of true love that kicked off Geralyn Corcillo's writing career.

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Emily Watts just wants a weekend break from the workaholic hours she's taken on to keep her business--a popular fashion-snark website--up and running. What she gets is overnight celebrity and a career-killing media scandal.

While taking time out to attend a concert in support of friend Jesse Cinder, a struggling musician, Emily meets Cory Sampson, the lead singer of a chart-topping rock band. When she agrees to a date with Cory, making entertainment headlines is the last thing she expects. Even so, it's a minor surprise by comparison to her discovery that in the music world, media notoriety trumps all. Tabloid allegations erupt when Cory and fame-hungry Jesse use Emily for personal gain, and her tarnished image spells disaster--personally and professionally. To save the website and writing career she's made her life and dream, Emily must go from being a pawn in the Hollywood headline game to becoming the media mastermind.

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Coco Pinchard never experienced life as a single thirty-something. She married young, had a son, and put her dream to be a writer on hold. But now her first novel is published, husband Daniel has greyed nicely into a silver fox, and son Rosencrantz is all grown up. Shouldn't it be time to enjoy life?

That is, until the annual family Christmas when her hideous mother-in-law Ethel comes to stay, and Coco opens her gift from Daniel. It's not the jewellery she chose, but an iPhone. This marks the start of Daniel's mid-life crisis and Coco catches him in bed with a younger woman.

The iPhone becomes a confessional of sorts, through emails to her friends Chris, an ageing trustafarian and Marika a slightly alcoholic schoolteacher. And as Coco's life unravels, she documents her seemingly endless (and often entertaining!) run of bad luck.

Then she meets the hunky Adam and she's back in the world of dating as a single forty-something! Read the emails that tell the hilarious tale of Coco picking up the pieces, in this fun, feel good Romantic Comedy. The first book in the bestselling Coco Pinchard series!

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Christmas is not Lulu’s favourite time of year.

And she can’t yet face the idea of her gorgeous boyfriend Ravi meeting her family.

So this year she wants to plan an alternative Christmas.

When Ravi suggests they invite Lulu’s best friends - Susannah and Jo - to join them she is unsure at first.

But when Lulu suggests that they all spend the Christmas break in a secluded coastal cottage together, with their partners in tow, they both jump at the chance.

Susannah is back in a relationship with her teenage sweetheart, Grant. And Jo is living with Troy Cooper AKA TC, the soap opera star.

And, as of yet, none of the girls have met their best friend’s partners.

With the cottage booked, Lulu can’t wait for their festive getaway.

But then disaster strikes.

Ravi is mugged on his morning run and ends in hospital the day before their holiday.

Will Lulu still manage to get her perfect Christmas holiday?

Will all the couples get along?

Or will everything come to a head during their Christmas getaway?

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It’s the run up to Christmas, and almost the end of another year.

Michael and Davina Philips have hit a crossroads in their relationship.

Having spent seven years trying for a baby, they hoped, as they do every year, that there might be a new addition to the family to celebrate the festive season with them.

But the pressure of trying to conceive means that lovemaking in the Philips household must be planned to the tee.

The spontaneity and romance has gone.

At a colleague’s hen party in Leeds, the new male nurse, Stewart, catches Davina’s eye. Flirty, popular and attractive, things heat up between the pair and they find themselves in bed together the next morning.

This one indiscretion puts her whole marriage at stake when she finds out she’s pregnant…

But, who is the father?

Will Davina’s Christmas Delivery be all that she and Michael ever dreamed of?

Or is it time for her to move on with someone new?

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SUMMARYHolly and Caleb had been best friends as children, growing up on the same street, but as teenagers they couldn't be further apart. When Caleb unexpectedly asked Holly to help him pick out a Christmas gift for his girlfriend, neither of them anticipated where it would lead.
A young adult romantic comedy, from Stella Wilkinson, acclaimed author of The Flirting Games Series.

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Book 1: Midnight in Montmartre, Luc and Mia's story
Book 2: Violette Nights in Paris, Mathieu and Violette's story
Book 3: Bon Appétit, Chérie, Philippe and Gianna's story

The clock struck midnight and Luc met Mia at the top of Montmartre.
Luc Deneuve thinks he is in love with Beth, the perfect woman. Until he meets Mia. What is he doing falling for an American who laughs too loud, speaks bad French, and has the wildest hair he's ever seen?

Adopted at birth, Mia Golden just wants to find her long-lost sister in Paris. She comes all the way from Seattle in search of someone who shares her DNA, but instead she finds love in the form of a handsome Frenchman.

But Luc loves Beth, the most desired woman in why can’t he stop thinking about Mia?

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 Enjoy these fun FREE reads this weekend!



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