Friday, November 6, 2015

My Holiday Review: Completions and Connections by Kathryn Biel

Christine's list of resolutions contains many clichés. Try something new. Buy a pair of heels. Get a promotion. Fall in love.
Seems simple, especially when Christine meets Patrick, the man who could be Mr. Right. He's got the right credentials: a job, a sense of humor, a love of all things Indiana Jones, and best of all, he's actually taller than Christine. But busy schedules take over and get in the way of Patrick and Christine's budding romance.
Life interferes, as it has a way of doing, and Christine wants to throw in the towel. Is the magic of the Christmas season enough to renew Christine's faith in love?

A quick, fun holiday read!
Christine and I are so much alike!  We are lists girls!  I love lists!  Completing them truly gives me so much joy!  I know, so weird!

I know how a crazy busy life can sneak up on you and spiral out of control.  One day you find the man you believe to be your prince charming, the next minute you find yourself busy for months on end and he as well with his conflicting schedule!  Will they ever get to date and truly fall in love?  Is it in the cards?

I will say Christine better make some time for Patrick, he's a total catch!  He is employed (that's bigger than you know these days!), he's sweet, and even east on the eyes!  If she blinks, he cold be gone and she will be lonely forever!

Grab a glass of wine and sit back and enjoy this adorable budding romance!

I am going with a yummy red wine, with berries and chocolate from the Gallo Family!  Cheers!
I give this fun holiday read 5 glasses of wine,  it was truly enjoyable from beginning to end!

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