Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Review - Have Your Cake and Eat It by Isabelle Andover

Bella Hunt thought the nanny quitting was the worst life got. Until she lost her job, that is. Going from a high-flying fashion PR consultant to a stay-at-home mother of three turns out to be a rather rude awakening, and Bella finds she’s coming up short in a few too many areas. But with a dash of ingenuity, a spoonful of friendship, and a sprinkling of love, Bella manages to not only have her cake, but eat it, too.

My Thoughts 
What a fun story about the life of a mom who went from the woman who was sought after by many for her amazing PR skills to a SAHM who feels like she's is forgotten at age 38.  A has been...who will hire her now?
She goes through the trials and tribulations of cleaning, temper tantrums and trying to remember if she washed her hair and brushed her teeth that morning?
Then she snaps...she needs to do something with her life...find her true passion...does she go for it?  Does she give up her dreams?
Being a single mom myself I can truly relate to Bella and what she is experiencing.  I have since gone back to work full-time and had decided once the kids were all in school I wanted to further my education and I have!  I graduate with my Masters in May and have already started my second Masters as well!  The sky is the limit and single moms know how to reach for their goals!

Drink Selection
This mom needs a little energy to get through the day and mixing just about anything with Vodka is yummy, a red bull and absolute vodka it is!  Enjoy!

Looking for a fun story that will have you smiling (and relating) from beginning to end, grab your copy and sit back and relax!  4 wine glasses all the way!

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