Saturday, March 4, 2017

Review - This Life I Live by Rory Feek

The story she said he was born to write.

Her story. His story. The love story of Joey and Rory.

By inviting so many into the final months of Joey’s life as she battled cancer, Joey and Rory Feek captured hearts around the world with how they handled the diagnosis; the inspiring, simple way they chose to live; and how they loved each other every step of the way. But there is far more to the story.

“My life is very ordinary,” says Rory. “On the surface, it is not very special. If you looked at it, day to day, it wouldn’t seem like much. But when you look at it in a bigger context—as part of a larger story—you start to see the magic that is on the pages of the book that is my life. And the more you look, the more you see. Or, at least, I do.”

In this vulnerable book, he takes us for the first time into his own challenging life story and what it was like growing up in rural America with little money and even less family stability.

This is the story of a man searching for meaning and security in a world that offered neither. And it’s the story of a man who finally gives it all to a power higher than himself and soon meets a young woman who will change his heart forever.

In This Life I Live, Rory Feek helps us not only to connect more fully to his and Joey’s story but also to our own journeys. He shows what can happen when we are fully open in life’s key moments, whether when meeting our life companion or tackling an unexpected tragedy. He also gives never-before-revealed details on their life together and what he calls “the long goodbye,” the blessing of being able to know that life is going to end and taking advantage of it. Rory shows how we are all actually there already and how we can learn to live that way every day.

A gifted man from nowhere and everywhere in search of something to believe in. A young woman from the Midwest with an angelic voice and deep roots that just needed a place to be planted. This is their story. Two hearts that found each other and touched millions of other hearts along the way.

My Thoughts
What a truly gorgeous, heartfelt story of love, commitment, honor, family and so much more.  This is the story of Rory and Joey Feek, an amazing Country Duo group that just happen to fall in love and this is their story.
Rory discusses his life growing up and how he became the man that he is today.  Life was not always easy or pretty for Rory but he was determined to make it in Nashville.
His father was not in the picture and his mother was never really able to give his siblings the upbringing they deserved.
He had many failed relationships, he truly didn't know what love was and had no real measure to compare to.
He had two girls when he was young and in the military and then their mother left and he was alone to raise them and give them the best life he could.
And then there was Jory.
Joey had a plan for stardom ever since she was young.  She wanted to make it in Nashville and tried every way possible.
Then she fell in love at first sight with Rory.  But it took her 2 years to come back to him again after that night.
This is a true story of two people that were destined to be together and knew that God meant for them to find one another and live out the life he had planned for them.
Though this story may have a sad ending, it also has a happy beginning for a precious little girl named Indiana. You will fall in love with this amazing family as I have.  I guarantee it.

Drink Selection
Grab a delicious pitcher of southern sweet tea, it would be a great combination with this story of love and life!

Sit back and enjoy a glass or two of sweet tea and enjoy a sweet story about love, life and smiles from Indiana, the little girl who has Rory's heart.  5 wine glasses all the way!

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