Thursday, September 6, 2018

Class Mom by Laurie Gelman

Jen Dixon is not your typical Kansas City kindergarten class mom--or mom in general. Jen already has two college-age daughters by two different (probably) musicians, and it's her second time around the class mom block with five-year-old Max--this time with a husband and father by her side. Though her best friend and PTA President sees her as the-wisest-candidate for the job (or oldest), not all of the other parents agree.

From recording parents' response times to her emails about helping in the classroom, to requesting contributions of-special-brownies for curriculum night, not all of Jen's methods win approval from the other moms. Throw in an old flame from Jen's past, a hyper-sensitive -allergy mom,-a surprisingly sexy kindergarten teacher, and an impossible-to-please Real Housewife-wannabe, causing problems at every turn, and the job really becomes much more than she signed up for.

My Thoughts
This was the perfect book to read before the new school year!  I loved every minute of it.  I would LOVE to have a class mom like Jen Dixon!  In my son's elementary school, I think some of these parents (and class moms) are ridiculous and I try to stay as far away from them and the job as possible.
The fact that she has taken on this craziness when she's older and more mature (maybe) is hilarious!
This book has so many laugh out loud moments from Jen running into her ex high school flame, crazy parents trying to de-throne her, cheating scandals and so much more.
You will love every page and devour this book in a few days tops!

Drink Selection
Back to school always calls for a drink, Margarita it is!


Laurie Gelman
About Laurie
Laurie Gelman was born and raised in the Great White North. She spent twenty-five years as a broadcaster in both Canada and the United States before trying her hand at writing novels. Laurie lives in New York City with her husband, Michael Gelman, and two teenage daughters. Class Mom is her first book.

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