Tuesday, December 8, 2015

REVIEW: Christmas with Friends By Hannah Ellis

As the festive season rolls around, everything seems to be going great for Marie. She has a gorgeous fiancé, a beautiful house and is surrounded by her quirky but lovable friends and family.
But things are never simple in Marie’s life. As she reluctantly agrees to host Christmas dinner for her friends and family, Marie suddenly feels the pressure of pleasing everyone. On top of that, her gorgeous fiancé, Brian is starting to lose patience with her reluctance to start organizing the wedding.
Will Marie manage to pull off the perfect Christmas? And will she ever admit the real reason she’s avoiding all talk of weddings? 

Christmas is upon Marie and she be happy and overjoyed with all that she has to be thankful for this holiday season - Brian (her fiance) and her Fat Club friends (you were learn more about that funny tale as you read!) While Marie was hoping for a quiet Christmas in with Brian, her friends had other plans!  They were all coming to her place and they have special request for what the holiday MUST HAVE.
So not only does she have that to look forward to planning, but her friends, family and even Brian will not let the wedding progress at her pace, they harass her about it daily!
Can she make this the Christmas to remember?
Can she please everyone and have the wedding they will never forget?
Or will she get cold feet?
Only time will tell!

I am going to go with a nice bottle of Shore Acre Wine - White Christmas Moscato!  Delish! 

I give this fun with friend Christmas tale, 4 wine glasses!  I enjoyed reading it and I think you will as well!  



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