Thursday, December 3, 2015

Review - Sex, Snow and Mistletoe by Laura Barnard

Melinda is already having a crappy Christmas. Forced to attend some snotty bitch's wedding is not the way to start out the holidays. But when a car crash pushes her into the path of a handsome stranger she's glad to follow his snowy, sexy and seductive path. But is he too good to be true? And will she make it to the wedding before her best friend loses her mind with worry? 

Such a fun holiday story to read this time of you!
Melinda is so not in holiday spirit and add to that a wedding she is on her way to for a girl she doesn't even like or truly know for that matter!  I mean seriously, who invites a girl to their wedding that they met one time!  
But fate steps in and she gets into a car accident!  OK maybe not fate but cupid sure did arrive early with a man to rescue her - WOW!
I do not want to give away to many of the sexy, fun details of this story!
Just know that you will enjoy this all the way to the end and you will not be disappointed!
I am going for a great glass of Champagne!  Yum and totally worth all the craziness of Melinda's trip!
I give this fun, festive read 4 glasses of Champagne!  Enjoy the holiday season and read Sex, Snow and Mistletoe!

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