Friday, December 4, 2015

Review: Survival of the Christmas Spirit by Aimee Horton

“Why the hell did I think cooking for nineteen people would be a good idea?”

It's Christmas and Dottie Harris is planning the biggest and best celebration ever, especially as she's planning to announce the news of her third pregnancy to her family.

But as always, nothing runs smoothly for Dottie, and it's not long before her two gruesome children, hapless husband and a nasty case of morning sickness are playing havoc with her carefully planned spreadsheets.

Can Dottie throw the perfect family Christmas (without so much as a swig of gin to help her through!) or will her burned pigs in blankets and her sister-in-law throwing up in the loo leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth? 

I have had an amazing afternoon at work, reading this fun holiday read!  Yes you heard me correctly, I read all afternoon! (In between calls and transactions that is!)
Dottie is trying to plan and execute the best Christmas she possibly muster, for the first time at her home and she has it down or so she things...
Her mother calls her the last minute on Christmas Eve and adds 6 more people to the list, is she serious?  Dottie gets two crazy kids ready to leave the house and prepares to buy more turkey...surprise surprise all the stores are out...except one and that was a battle (and a horrible coral lipsticked woman) that Dottie couldn't defeat.
Just when Dottie thinks thinks things can't worse they do...
And Dottie has a surprise of her own that just makes this holiday even more memorable!
Sit back, grab a bottle of wine (or gin and tonic as Dottie loves) and enjoy this fun, crazy holiday read!

We are going to go with Dottie's favorite, Gin and Tonic!  She needs it big time after dealing with this tough crown (and holiday!)
I give this fun holiday read 4 glasses of wine!  I enjoyed it and didn't want it to end!  

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