Friday, February 5, 2016

Blog Tour Stop: Excerpt from The Achilles Heel by Karyn Rae



I stopped and watched them dance together for a while. He whispered something in her ear, and she threw her head back, laughing like it was the funniest thing she’d ever heard. After twenty years of marriage, they were still giggling and teasing each other as though they were a couple of high school kids. Whenever they were out together, Wade always had his arm hanging around her shoulder, and Hope’s hand would be in his back pocket. They were a real-life John Mellencamp song. And how they acted together at home was no different. They never took their hands off each other, but they’d been together long before Wade got rich and became a celebrity.
With one divorce under my belt, I didn’t ever want to put myself through that kind of pain again. My ex-wife ruined my trust in women and demolished my desire to be married. Maybe if I didn’t have fame or money, things would be different. Or maybe if I could find a good woman who didn’t know who I was, I could love her wildly for the rest of my days.
I found myself staring off into space once again, wanting to feel that fire for someone, but having no idea when or where I would find her.
The dance floor heated up with people acting a fool. Wade left his wife in the hands of a drunken drummer and headed back my way.
“Goddamn you’re boring, Kess,” he said, poking me in the chest. “You need me to tuck you into bed and read you a story, or are you gonna go out there and dance with my hot-ass wife?”
“Better be careful what you wish for, ’cause I might be going home with her tonight.”
Wade bantered back, “Only reason you’d be riding in her car on the way home is because you live next door to us, and don’t think we’re taking you all the way to your front door either. You can walk from the end of our driveway.” About that time, Hope waved us over.  
Wade offered up his glass of whiskey and said, “To an amazing tour and a more amazing break from it.”
He had no idea how permanent of a break it was actually going to be, but I raised my glass and added, “To life-long happiness.

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Karyn Rae is a member of the Romance Writers of America, and the Columbia Chapter of the Missouri Writers Guild. She resides in Missouri with her husband, son, daughter, and chocolate lab- Augusta Mae.
The first part of Karyn's life was spent in the South, and the last fifteen years have played out in the Midwest, but she's still holding on to a shred of her Southern roots. She is a wife, mother, daughter, and sister who has made it her mission in life to carve out a career for herself, while keeping the husband and the children happy.

What She Loves:
Her family, friends, food- anything covered in cheese, reading, writing, vodka, music- the live variety, sarcasm, a strong curse word, college sports- especially the NCAA tournament (GO Tigers!), running- although doesn't do it as much as she should, her annual girls trip, Benjamin Franklin, most things considered Southern, sending notes through snail mail, coffee, baking pies- her staples kick some serious tail, roller-coasters, the movie Tommy Boy- which is full of applicable quotes to any life situation, Labrador's, gardening, peace among her kids, the mountains, the ocean, boots- she does not discriminate, home d├ęcor that looks wore out and beat to death, and faith in the unknown.
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