Saturday, March 26, 2016

Review - Mommywood by Tori Spelling

If you thought Tinseltown was tough...

Tori Spelling might have grown up with everything a girl could wish for, but these days she's just another suburban working mom...whose toddler regularly recognizes her in the pages of Us Weekly. Welcome to Mommywood, where the stars are two feet tall and your neighbors know who you are before you move in.
Like most parents, Tori wants her children to have the one thing she didn't have as a kid -- a normal family. On their hit Oxygen reality show, Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, the starlet and her husband Dean McDermott regularly wrestle dirty diapers, host the neighborhood block party, and tackle temper tantrums on the red carpet. But when the cameras aren't rolling, Tori's still having awkward run-ins with a former 90210 costar at a laser tag birthday party, scooping rogue poo out of the kiddie pool on a resort vacation, and racing to win back her pre-baby body before the media starts calling her fat. For all her suburban fantasies, Tori Spelling is no June Cleaver.
With the same down-to-earth wit that made her entertaining memoir sTORI telling a #1 New York Times bestseller, Tori tells the hilarious and humbling stories of life as a mom in the limelight. From learning to be the kind of parent her own mother never was to revealing what it's like to raise a family while everyone is watching, Mommywood is an irresistible snapshot of celebrity parenthood that you won't get from the paparazzi.
I have always loved to watch Tori Spelling on 90210 and I loved her on Tori and Dean as well.  I saw this book not too long ago and thought, this will be a fun read one day.  So about a week ago I picked it up and I couldn't put it down.  I have started to see another side to Tori that you don't get from the bright lights of Hollywood and the magazine covers and her TV show.  I mean we all have a hard time believing that "reality tv" is truly reality.  But for Tori and Dean what you see is what you get.  She wants to show us that there is more to her life than Hollywood.  She is a mother, a wife and a best friend just like the rest of us.  She just does it under the watchful eye of Hollywood and the paparazzi.  
Tori is married to Dean McDermott and are ready to start a family.  Tori wants to move to the suburbs, live on a normal street and raise her child like any other mom in America.  Then their wished start to come true.  Tori becomes pregnant with their first child together.  His is name is Liam and he is the perfect baby.  They can take him to dinner, to parties, charity events and life is a dream.  Or so they thought.  
Then Tori begins to panic - Liam seems to be more attached to Dean than her.  Is their something wrong with her?  Is she not meant to be a mother?  They see her therapist and they try to work through these issues little by little.

Then there is the hilarious incident with the poo in the pool (Tori will have you laughing uncontrollably when you read this), Liam's love for OK! and so many other fun stories.  
Who wants to live in Hollywood (um maybe me?) when you can live on Beaver Street?  Tori decides that she wants to live in a normal house, on a normal street and have normal neighbors and friends.  So they move to Beaver Street.  Things aren't as easy as Tori had hoped they would be - the neighbors are always watching them, the paparazzi are able to get to her whenever they see fit, and they can't even fit in at the neighborhood street party.  What's a girl to do?  Will they ever accept her?  Will this be their forever home or is there another move in store?
Then surprise, along comes baby number 2 - Stella!  She was finally having a girl!  A part of her has been dreading this all her life, she didn't want to have the same relationship with her that she had with her own other (look at how well that turned out).  She also fears that Stella will grow to prefer Dean over her as well.  
This book is packed with fun outtakes of her life - from meeting her Gay friends,  days out with Liam and Stella, thoughts of purchasing a new home, outrageous birthday parties for her kids and celebrities - it's a guilty pleasure that you won't be able to put down!
I can't wait to read more of her books and I really enjoyed "meeting" this Tori and seeing that she really is a down to earth mom with a little Hollywood on the side.  What a fun read, you will not be disappointed.
I would pair this fun book with a glass of White Cat Wine - what a great combination!
I give Mommywood - 4 wine glasses!  It was an easy read that was fun and has me wanting to read more books by Tori in the near future!  Enjoy!

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