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Blog Tour: Guest Post with Alison Brodie, author of The Double

THE DOUBLE – Alison Brodie – Questions and Answers

Question:  Would you rather bathe in honey or chocolate sauce?
Answer:  Chocolate sauce.  Then I’m more likely to get some hunk to lick it off.

Question:  Which Rolling Stone would you be?
Answer:  Any.  They all seem like they’ll live forever plus they’ve all got great hips and 26 inch waists.

Question:  Should man conquer space?
Answer:  Yes please.  I am already bulging out of 3 wardrobes.

Question:  What’s your most valuable piece of writing kit?
Answer:  My brain.

Question:  What makes you happy?
Answer:  A mojito, a moussaka and a good man – or a bad man – depending on how much happiness I can handle.

Question:  Would you rather be eaten by a shark or piranha?
Answer:  A shark.  One gulp and I’d be gone.

Question:  If you weren’t writing, what would you choose to do?
Answer:  I would choose to hold up a bar with a sexy cowboy.  (I don’t mean ‘hold up’ - I mean ‘lean on it’ … seductively, of course)

Question:  Which of your novels would you like to be in?
Answer:  The Double.  I fancy myself lounging about on the sumptuous deck of a billion-dollar yacht wearing diamonds, opera gloves and satin gowns while issuing commands through a megaphone to my staff of uniformed stewards.

Question:  What’s your top tip to other writers?
Answer:  Think about how some of the world’s best-known novels were rejected.  Believe in yourself.

Question:  What is your favorite food?
Answer:  Anything that hasn’t got a snail in it.

Question:  Who do you sleep with?
Answer:  About 150 characters.

Question:  What is your next book about?
Answer:  How a life can drastically unravel.  An English aristocrat gloats when she discovers she’s going to live in Paris.  When she ends up in Kansas, she is horrified.  She falls in with the wrong crowd and falls foul of the law, Sheriff Hank Gephart.

Question:  Why does Miss Prim and Proper end up on a freight train with a stolen stash of three million dollars, a gun and a bottle of Wild Turkey.  And why did she shoot Mr Right?
Answer:  You’ll have to read the book. J

A night she can’t remember. A week she won’t forget.

Beth is mistaken for rock star, Sonita La Cruz, and ends up on a billionaire-dollar yacht. As a shift-worker in Glasgow, Beth has only known hardship. Now she's in a world of uniformed stewards, French cuisine and rows of gorgeous designer frocks. Beth keeps quiet about the mix-up, determined to wear every outfit in her wardrobe before she's sent home. What's wrong with a little play-acting? Beth takes to the role of rock diva like a duck takes to water.

The captain arrives. Aleksandr sees a raven-haired girl in tiara and diamond-studded bikini lying on deck issuing orders through a megaphone. Aleksandr realises what’s happened: His smuggling pals, knowing he needs to speak to Sonita about a kid’s crisis, have grabbed this lookalike and brought her here to meet him. Sadly, the girl is not Sonita. Aleksandr is desperate. Sonita promised to help the children but she’s disappeared.

Beth rises to the challenge. She looks like Sonita, so why not BE Sonita? Beth does a magazine interview for one million dollars, and ransoms herself for another million. Beth saves the children but can she save herself? Too late, Beth discovers the reason why Sonita disappeared.


A full-bodied romance that sweeps across the globe, from a civil war in the Eastern Bloc, to a luxury yacht on the Côte d'Azur, to a poor housing estate in Glasgow. 
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About the Author:
Alison Brodie
Alison Brodie is an ex-model and internationally-published author. GOOD HOUSEKEEPING chose her debut for their Pick of the Paperbacks. The Scottish Daily Mail reviewed ‘Face to Face’: “Vain but wildly funny leading lady.” Alison has a criminal record for busking/disturbance of the peace in Piccadilly Circus; speeding in Spain and hustling in Athens. She lives in Biarritz, where she can be found speaking unnintelligabuble French. Her latest novel – ‘THE DOUBLE’ – is out now on Amazon Kindle. “…another addition to Brodie’s body of work and proof of her genius in writing fiction.” ~San Francisco Book Review
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