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Blog Tour Stop - Excerpt from Reuniting Reality by Nikki LeClair

Reuniting Reality by Nikki LeClair
Published by Nikki LeClair on March 20, 2018
Genre: Chick Lit


My body stiffens as we lock eyes. His smile slowly slips off his face when he realizes my aggravated glare isn’t going anywhere. His brown eyes dart to my bags and he gestures at them. “Do you want some help with your bags?”

            “Don’t touch them.” There’s nothing cordial about my tone and I watch Declan sigh slowly before looking back at me.

            “Look, Jules, I know this is—”

            “Don’t call me that. Only my friends call me Jules,” I declare.

            He doesn’t need to know I don’t have any.

            His shoulders slump as he scratches the back of his neck, “fine. I just thought your suitcase may be heavy and you may not be able to lift it into the back of the Jeep.”

            I let out a snarky laugh. “I don’t need your help, with my suitcase, or with anything. So you can get back into your mountain wagon and be on your way.” I swat at him as I walk back to my bags.

            He frowns at me. “You don’t want a ride to the Lodge?”

            I whisper to myself, as I reach my bags. “What I want is your guts splattered on the side of the asphalt...”


            “Nothing. Go away, I don’t need your help. Ever.”

            “Julie, it’s a good thirty minute walk up the mountain.”

            “Maybe for you,” I huff with a laugh as I reach into my open duffle bag and take out my hat. “I see you’ve let yourself get a bit pudgy. I, on the other hand am in perfect shape. As you can see.” I put my hat over my head. “I run marathons now. Even triathlons. This is nothing to me. This is light, tranquil walk.”

            How is he going to know I exercise once a month, if that?

            I zip up my duffle bag and pull the strap over my shoulder. I stand up and shove the bag behind me as I reach down for the handle to my suitcase. He looks amused, and it sends an angry ping throughout my body. “Now if you excuse me, I’ll be on my way.”

            He takes a step towards me. “Don’t be insane. Just get into the jeep. We don’t have to talk to each other.”

            I spin on my heel and give him my back. “I don’t speak traitor.”

            “You're going to walk all the way up there with those boots?” he calls to me.

            I lift my head and pick up my pace. “I said, I don’t speak traitor!”

            My scream rings around the forest.

            That’ll show him.

Starring opposite her best friend in hit reality TV show Daughter of Famous Mothers, Julie Duncan was riding high, clouded with adoring fans and cozily married to an ambitious plastic surgeon. One day, everything changed. Betrayed by not only her husband, but someone she completely trusted, Julie disappeared from that life and left it all behind.
Four years later, Julie’s life is far from brag-able. Living with her sister and scraping by doing D-list gigs, Julie is given an opportunity to fix her pathetic life. The only catch? Spending a week on camera with the people who destroyed her life.
So what’s a girl to do when her back is against the wall?
✓ Create a new, improved version of herself—a version that has moved on and let go the trials of the past. ✓ Invent a hopping new social life and a hot Olympian boyfriend. ✓ Beg forgiveness from her former best friend.
Simple enough until her fake new boyfriend suddenly shows up, her former best friend gives the cold shoulder, her ex-husband is as shady as ever, and butterflies she thought had died long ago begin to flutter alive.
Will Julie be able to keep up her ruse? Or will the cameras catch something she won’t ever be able to escape?

About Nikki LeClair

Nikki LeClair lives in Canada with her loving husband and their two rambunctious children. When she isn’t ordering her children to behave or begging her Border Terrier to listen to her, she sits behind her lap-top plotting out the next adventure of her new characters. She’s a fan of a good glass of Pinot Noir, and can’t live without her favorite Tea blends.
She enjoys hearing from readers and fans of her work. You can find her on twitter at @NikkiL_Books, and on her Facebook Fanpage Nikki LeClair

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