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Let's Take Some Time to Get To Know Orly Konig, author of Carousel Beach

Orly Konig
Welcome Orly!

1. First of all let me begin by saying how absolutely gorgeous this cover is!  How did you come up with the storyline of this amazing carousel that had this mysterious hidden meaning?  I’ve always wondered how author’s are suddenly hit with inspiration?

Thank you! I love it as well. I had a print out that my publisher sent above my computer all winter. J

I’ve always loved carousels. There’s just something magical about them, especially the old, hand-carved ones. When my son was young, we would go to a local park that had a gorgeous historic carousel that had recently been restored. Okay confession, we went as much for me as for him.

 I’d been noodling a story idea but hadn’t quite wrapped my head around how the family secrets would come out. On one of the trips to the park, we were standing in line, inching forward so very slowly which allowed for enough time to read the plaques along the outside of the carousel house detailing the history and restoration work. When we got to the front of the line, there was the horse from one of the descriptions. I’m not sure what about him specifically spoke to me, but there in front of me was the key to my story.

2.  Do you have a 3rd book started and if so can you give any hints as to what it may be about?

I actually have 3 projects underway that I’m pretty excited about. All three deal with different issues – rediscovering yourself after giving up who you wanted to be for a family, the fine line between friendship and emotional infidelity, and moving on after the world you know is pulled out from under you. My stories always touch on family and friendship dynamics because those are the themes that I love reading about. And yes, there are animals in each of those stories.


3.  When you’re not writing or reading, what are you doing with your spare time?

I have a newly minted 13-year old boy. Spare time? *laughing to tears*

The rare times I actually sit to watch a movie or TV show, I love to crochet. And pretty much every new writing project gets a crochet project or two. Sometimes I just need the busy fingers time to help sort through plot ideas. Each of the books so far has had a crochet animal associated with it for select giveaways. Those have turned out to be a ton of fun.

4.  I know it will be difficult to choose (at least for me it would be) who would you say is your favorite author?  Favorite book?

Oh wow. I honestly don’t think I have “a” favorite. There are a number of authors who are auto-buys for me and who I fan girl over. There are also several authors who I’m completely enamored with for their generosity.

Favorite book? The one I’m in the middle of reading. J Okay, that’s a cop-out. But it’s also true. There are a few books that have stuck in my heart, but when I pick up a new book that blows me away, it becomes the new favorite.

5.  What are your thoughts on negative book reviews?  Does it hurt to see someone dislike your book baby?

I’d love to say I’ve listened to the more seasoned authors and don’t read reviews, but, yeah I still read them.

I’m in two minds about negative reviews, to be honest. Everyone has a right to their opinion and taste and not every book will appeal to every reader. Thankfully, there are enough books out there to please everyone.

If a review calls out something that is fundamentally wrong with a book, then I think it’s fair. Sadly, mistakes happen – typos, missed or extra words, wrong names, etc., and I find it unfortunate when readers ding authors for that.

I struggle most, however, with the reviews that penalize a book and author for personal preference. Reading is subjective. If you picked up a book that wasn’t something you normally read and it didn’t float your happy, why leave a bad review or low star rating?

6.  Do you ever re-read books?  Do you keep your books and display them or do you donate or sell them to consignment shops?

I’m a one and done kinda gal. J I think I can count on one hand how many books I’ve re-read.

But I’m also very loyal to my books. The only books I can part with are ones that I’ve received in giveaways or at events but are so completely out of the genre-range that I read. I end up with duplicates from time to time either because I’ve won a copy that I’ve also purchased or because I was overenthusiastic and didn’t pay attention that I’d already bought a copy. Those are books and authors I want to support, though, and I’ll use the extra copy in a giveaway for my followers.

Orly it was so great to "meet" you!  I can't wait to talk more in the future and have you back again in the hot seat and answer more questions!

About Carousel Beach

A cryptic letter on her grandmother's grave and a mysterious inscription on a carousel horse leads artist Maya Brice to Hank Hauser, the ninety-year-old carver of the beloved carousel she has been hired to restore in time for its Fourth of July reopening in her Delaware beach town. Hank suffers from Alzheimer's, but on his "better" days, Maya is enthralled by the stories of his career. On his "off" days, he mistakes her for her grandmother--his secret first love.

While stripping chipped layers of paint from the old horse and peeling layers of fragmented memories from the old man, Maya untangles the intertwined secrets of love, heartbreak, and misunderstandings between three generations of strong willed women.

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