Saturday, April 15, 2017

Review - The Art of Southern Charm by Patrica Altschul

“Patricia on #SouthernCharm, like lookin’ in the damn mirror. Cheers queen.” —Lady Gaga

Fan-favorite Bravolebrity Patricia Altschul from the primetime show Southern Charm finally brings fans her eagerly anticipated opus on etiquette and living a glamorous Southern lifestyle. Patricia provides advice on every situation, from hosting a memorable cocktail party, to decoding the dress code for any event, to handling a drunken boor at the dinner table, to delivering the perfectly phrased insult—like her now iconic “shameless strumpet.” The Art of Southern Charm takes readers inside the world of Charleston’s most captivating grande dame, who (with Michael the Butler) offers a blueblood’s blueprint for curating and celebrating life at its best.

My Thoughts 
LOVE LOVE LOVE Patricia!  She is laugh out loud funny, her comebacks are simply amazing!
She is one of my favorite people on Southern Charm on Bravo.  I will have to say I am totally addicted to the show - if you haven't seen it you need to check it out now!  The new season just started and the hot messes have already begun!
Not only is Patricia a true southern matriarch, she is the "mother" to all the charmers and that is not an easy task!  She has the best advice in Charleston by far!
Her parties are to die for and I would love to be in attendance.  He butler Michael is adorable and together they have a great time and live great lives!
Throughout this book she gives advice on dressing, parties, and life in general!  She has great guest celebs that give advice and one is Carson Kressley - the amazing man from one of my favorite all time shows, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy!  I miss that show!

I highly recommend this book with its household tips and delicious recipes that will have your mouth watering and planning a trip to your nearest Wegmans (or the Piggly Wiggly if you are down south!).

Drink Selection 
Perfect drink for this book is none other than Patricia's signature drink, Michael's Perfect Martini!  They sound simply amazing and created to perfection by Michael, her butler.

Rating 1
5 wines glasses all the way!  Patricia is amazing, smart and funny as hell!  I would LOVE the meet her one day!  I believe a trip to Charleston is in order!

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