Sunday, April 2, 2017

Review - The Forever Summer by Jamie Brenner

The discovery of long-buried secrets brings three generations of women together to Cape Cod for the summer homecoming of a lifetime.

Marin Bishop has always played by the rules, and it's paid off: on the cusp of thirty she has a handsome fiancé, a prestigious Manhattan legal career, and her father's hard-won admiration. But with one careless mistake at work, Marin suddenly finds herself unemployed and alone. Before she can summon the courage to tell her parents, a young woman appears, claiming to be Marin's half-sister. Seeking answers, Marin agrees to join her on a soul-searching journey to Cape Cod, to meet the family she didn't even know she had.

As the summer unfolds at her grandmother's beachside B&B, it becomes clear that her half-sister's existence is just the first in a series of truths that will shake Marin's beliefs--in love, and in her own identity--to the core. Filled with shocking revelations, heartfelt romance, and resilient women banding together against the most unexpected twists of fate, THE FOREVER SUMMER is an emotionally resonant page-turner, and a delicious escape for any season.

My Thoughts 
The perfect beach read for anyone looking for a story about love, life, family, redemption, forgiveness just to name a few -  I could go on and on.
The depth of the multiple story lines within this one piece sets apart Jamie from many other writers.  She is able to flow from one character to the next seamlessly, not skipping even the smallest of details to intertwine their lives together in one great novel.
Marin has always followed the rules and has planned for a set course in life - follow in her father's footsteps and become a lawyer, get engaged to a top notch guy and live in an amazing city.  But then she meets the man of her dreams and decides to leave her fiance to pursue him.  But there is one tiny little problem, she and Julian and are not allowed to date and work together.
Just when then thought they had it under wraps, someone leaks their relationship to the partners and both Marin and Julian are out on their butts.  What are they going to do?  At least they have each other right, or do they?
Then a stranger contacts Marin and states that she is her long lost half sister, how is that possible?  Her parents have never been apart?  There has to be a mistake, right?
Then Marin chooses to follow her "half-sister" to Cape Cod and meet the fam.  She is still not sure what to think or what to expect.
This trip will change Marin's life in more ways then she will ever imagine.  Will she find her true passion?  Will she reconnect with Julian?  Will her mother be able to look her in her eyes after living such a lie?

Drink Selection
Yum!  The PERFECT drink to go along with this beach read, the Cape Codder!  Grab one (or a couple today!)

 5 wine glass review all the way - pre-order your copy today!

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