Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Blog Tour Stop - Girl Targeted by Val Collins


A Psychological Thriller/Suspense set in Ireland.

Office jobs can be stressful. Aoife’s may be lethal.

Aoife’s life is finally on track. She’s happily married, pregnant with her first child and has the world’s best mother-in-law. But when Aoife accepts a job as an office temp, her entire life begins to unravel.

Is one of Aoife’s colleagues a murderer? Is Aoife the next target? Why is her husband unconcerned?

Can office politics lead to murder? Girl Targeted is a perfect read for fans of Behind Closed Doors, Girl on a Train and the Silent Wife.

My Thoughts
What a crazy rollercoaster!  Around each corner is something new that will make you jump.
I'm not going to lie, if my office job was half as crazy and stressful, I would have a one way ticket out of there quicker than you can say I Quit!
Clearly this wasn't what Aoife bargained for when she left her blissful life of a stay at home mom and a happy wife.
The one thing that puzzles me though is why doesn't hubby seem to care?  Is he hiding something?  Is he in on it somehow and if so why?
If you loved Behind Closed Doors, you will LOVE Girl Targeted!

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Drink Selection
In celebration of this book taking place in Ireland, I am going to pair this book with a traditional Irish Guinness! 

4 wine glasses for this suspenseful and crazy read!
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