Saturday, August 4, 2018

Sugar Street by M.J.Pullen

In the idyllic Atlanta enclave of Sugar Mills, four women are struggling to keep their marriages alive in the hectic whirl of middle-class suburbia.

Adventurous Jess adores her sportswriter husband, but he’s more likely to fall asleep than respond to her creative attempts at seduction. Delia agreed to an open marriage when she had nothing to lose; but now that the reality of her choice has settled in, she feels a void no direct sales commission can fill. Infertility has left ex-tennis star Carras feeling powerless and frustrated. PTA president Maizy is desperate for acceptance in the Sugar Mills community, and with her health-conscious husband.

Enter Parker, a gorgeous young tennis pro moonlighting as a male escort. Could a little well-orchestrated jealousy cure the marital blues? Will a risky scheme put the spark back in their suburban marriages, or burn everything they’ve worked for to the ground?

My Thoughts
Sexy summer read that will have all the neighbors talking!  M.J. has done it again with a hot read about 4 women trying to keep their marriages together.
Jess wants to liven up her marriage, Delia has an open marriage with options, Carras doesn't know who will want to be with her and Maizy is part of the PTA and wants nothing more than to be accepted.
Throw into the mix Belinda and Orson (they seem to have all the money all the others could ever want) and things getting a little spicy.  Did I mention Belinda having "private" lessons with a tennis pro names Parker?  Not sure how much tennis technique is being taught if you know what I mean?
I don't want to giveaway too much of the sauciness.  You will have to read it for yourself.
This book has it all - sexiness, desire, and the quest for love.

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I'm pairing this read with a sexy, pink cosmo!

M.J. Pullen
About MJ
M.J. Pullen (a.k.a The Distracted Writer) is the author of playful women's fiction and complex, funny contemporary romances. She lives in the Atlanta area with her husband and two sons.

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