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Blogiversary Guest Post: Aimee Brown, Book Blogger at Hello...Chick Lit

The Busy Life of a Book Blogger – Behind the Scenes
Book Blogging is a job, not a paid job unfortunately, but still a job.  It takes hours to read books and decide what to rate them and then be able to put your words on paper where even if the review is not 5 stars, it stays classy and respectful to the author and fans of the book.  
I’d say I spend about 15ish hours a week on Hello…Chick Lit.  That’s just doing the blogging part, not the book tours or the author work, JUST reading and writing blog posts.  That’s a lot of hours for a ‘hobby’.  It doesn’t stress me out because I like it.  It does however lessen my time for other things, like socializing on the social media lol.
I don’t just blog.  I know it’s easy to look at a blogger as an outsider and think ‘it’s so easy’ but bloggers are real people with real lives and generally reading books all day is only a dream of what we’d like to do, not a reality.
For me, I have 3 kids.  That’s right, I’m not one of the young 20-something single bloggers, I’m old in comparison.  My kids are ages, 18, 16 & 12.  I homeschool all of them and have for about 6 years.  I also own 2 businesses, one full time that provides our families main income and another that is newer and part time.  I have 6 pets… 3 dogs, 3 cats.  I OCD clean for hours a day & I’m writing my first novel.   I’m busy, if I’m not helping someone with school work, going to homeschool co-op or child activities, I’m trying to get the laundry done, dinner started.  Then someone is chatting at me, begging for a meal or a client needs help.  Sometimes just to fit in the blogging I have to ignore other duties to find the time.
So next time you come across a book blogger who is frazzled or slow at returning emails, remember… blogging isn’t their only venture in life, in fact generally it is the smallest venture in life.  Always try to find the respectful way to chat about something with a blogger and understand if we can’t help right then just because we can’t find the time.
Book Blogging and books in general is a huge passion for me, but working it into my very busy life can sometimes be tough.  I may come off as bitchy or unavailable but it’s not intentional, it’s just exhaustion and a lot of goings on behind the screen.

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