Sunday, July 17, 2016

Review - So Close by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

From international #1 best-selling authors Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus comes a story about a girl from the trailer parks of central Florida and the two powerful men who shape her life―one of whom will raise her up to places she never imagined, the other of whom will threaten to destroy her.

Amanda Beth Luker has spent her whole life desperately looking for someone who can show her the way out of her trailer park Florida town. And then, finally, help arrives―in the form of Tom Davis, a successful lawyer with political aspirations who grew up just a few towns over from Amanda. But it’s his wife, Lindsay, who really captures Amanda’s imagination. Strong, smart, and determined, she gives Amanda something she’s never had―a role model. Meanwhile Amanda is introduced to the wealthy, charismatic, and deeply troubled Pax Westerbrook. He clearly desires Amanda, but if she gives in will that move her closer to the life she’s always dreamed of―or make it impossible?

Amanda rides Davis’s political success all the way to Washington, where he becomes Senator and will later be tapped for president and even make a bid for the White House. But when Amanda starts to suspect, and later confirms, his moral indiscretions, her loyalty is tested. Will a girl from a trailer park even be believed if she goes public with damning information? Will she be willing to risk losing everything she’s gained?

My Thoughts 
I could not put this book down!  This story is about survival - basically starting your life with nothing - no support from your family, barely any money and no hopes of leaving a trailer in FL.  Amanda has dreams for herself - to go places - how is she going to make that happen?  Can anyone help this poor girl?

Fast forward a little bit to when she meets Tom Davis, politician, she is in awe of this man.  She believes in his vision, what he stands for.  His beginnings were just like her - just a few towns over.  But Lindsay - Tom's wife, develops a connection with Amanda that becomes deep and almost motherly like.  At the same get together where she just met Tom and Lindsay she also meets the amazingly handsome Pax Westerbrook - she is in love!  But why would this society rich kid see something in Amanda?  Is she just a charity case to him?

Amanda's luck turns in her favor and she starts working with Tom Davis and her life can't seem to get anymore perfect - taking private jets to events, dressing in fancy clothes, eating amazing foods!  What more could a girl ask for?

But then things take a turn for the worst - Amanda may lose her job, she is on again off again with Pax, her family is in shambles back home - what is she going to do?

Grab a bottle of wine and sit back and enjoy this amazing tale of rags to riches!

Wine Selection
I am going to pair this selection with a bottle the 2012 Art Series Riesling from Anthony Road Wineries located on the Seneca Falls Wine Trail!  If you haven't been you must go!

I loved this book from beginning to end, it always had me guessing what was going to happen next.  So Close is a 5 wine glass rated book!  Buy it today!

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