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Blogiversary Guest Post and Giveaway: Jennie Marts, author of Icing on the Date

 Hi all- I’m Jennie Marts, and I write books about love, laughter, and happily ever afters. I write about hot cowboys, cute cops, and hunky hockey players. To celebrate Bethany’s One Year Blogiversary, I’m giving away an ebook copy of the newest book in my Bannister Brothers series. It’s called Icing On The Date, and it’s about a hockey player and the cute caterer that’s about to change his entire game.
Struggling caterer, Gabby Davis, has enough on her plate trying to start her new business and take care of her deadbeat brother. The last thing she needs is to get involved with Owen Bannister, the brawling NHL player who is known for his cavalier playboy ways. Even if having him in her kitchen does turn up the heat.
    Owen Bannister has a reputation for being a hot-head that no one woman can pin down. When the press captures him laughing and frosting the cupcakes of a local baker, team management sees a chance to clean up his tarnished image. But he soon finds that love is the ultimate game changer, and he’s about to get checked.
Having Gabby around is great for publicity and great for her business, but what happens when she becomes more than just a game?

Mixing cupcakes and hockey might just be a recipe for love in this fun romantic comedy/sports romance that mixes a cute caterer with a bad-boy hockey player.

She scrolled through the contacts. Had he said Bane or Ben? Her eyes caught the word Bane, and she pressed the contact and held the phone to her ear.
A sleepy male voice answered. “Dammit, Owen. I told you I’m not coming out tonight.”
“Um. Hello. Is this Owen’s brother?”
“Who’s this?” The voice went instantly alert. “Where’s my brother?”
“This is Gabby Davis. I’m a caterer, and I’m working a party at the Crown Hotel downtown. I’m in the women’s bathroom on the first floor, and your brother appears to be very drunk and passed out on my lap. He asked me to call you. He seems to think he’s in some kind of trouble.”
“Oh, he’s in a whole hell of a lot of trouble. Listen, Gabby, thank you for calling me. I can be there in fifteen minutes. Can you stay with him until I get there?”
“Sure, I guess.” She wasn’t in charge of the whole catering job tonight—only the desserts—and no one would notice she was missing as the party wound down.
“I’m on my way. Keep him out of sight and in the bathroom if you can.”
Out of sight of whom? What kind of trouble was this guy mixed up in?
“I can try.”
“I’d really appreciate it, Gabby. You have no idea how much I’d appreciate it. Tell him I’m on my way.” He hung up.
Gabby set the phone down. “Your brother’s on his way. How about if I just sit here with you until he gets here?” The guy was big, and his brother had said he was in trouble, but she still wasn’t afraid. He didn’t seem dangerous, even with the black eye.
He snuggled into her chest, smearing remnants of chocolate frosting across his cheek. “Are you an angel? Because you smell like heaven,” he slurred. “Seriously, why do you smell so damned good? Like cookies and cake and chocolate?”
He opened his eyes and squinted at her chest. He ran a finger along the top edge of her breast, sending a wave of tingles darting down her spine, and came away with a dab of frosting on the end of his finger tip. Popping his finger into his mouth, he groaned in pleasure. “God, you even taste like chocolate. I just want to frickin’ lick you.”
Wow. Wildly inappropriate to say, but the words still sent a prickle of desire through her. This crazy hot guy just told her he wanted to lick her. Granted, it was a drunken statement and he most likely meant the chocolate frosting spread across the front of her shirt, but it had been a long time since she’d had a man tell her anything half as remotely sexy as that statement had been.
Spending all of her time working, saving money, and taking care of her miscreant brother didn’t leave a lot of time for dating, and she didn’t want to think about how long it had been since anything of hers had been licked.

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I’m giving away an ebook copy of Icing On The Date. It’s easy to enter, just comment below with your favorite kind of cupcake for a chance to win!

Thanks again and I hope you love the new book. Happy Reading!

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